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All You Need To Know About Foot Peel Mask

All You Need To Know About Foot Peel Mask

  Walking is an activity we do every day besides breathing. On average more than 60% of adults in various age range walk every day in their life. Approximately more than 6 in 10 people walk for transportation, fun, relaxation or exercise. The first thing the baby learns after several months in their life is either […]

10 Facts That Could Change Your Mind About Menstrual Cups

Menstrual Cup Facts

In some aspect, females are stronger than males. Females can bear more pain than males because they often face it in their life. Whether it’s childbirth pain or the one they face every month, period cramps. We have that time of the month since we are 13  years old (or maybe earlier for some of […]

Hammock Camping: What You Need To Know

camping hommock

Are you one of those campers who grew up with tent camping? You enjoy nature throughout the day but sleeping inside a closed tent at night? When I first had my camping trip together with my friends, it was a joined trip with other backpackers- that’s when I discovered hammock camping. Hammock Camping is a […]

Magnetic Building Block: How Do Building Blocks Help in a Child’s Development?

building blocks for kids

Magnet itself is an awesome element but incorporating this to toys are just incredible. Nowadays, toy companies are producing magnetic building blocks set in the market which became an instant hit to the kids. At a young age, children are curious about everything around them. But seeing the trick of this trendy toy will not […]

Exercise Ball – Beginner Guide to Fitness

Exercise Ball - Beginner Guide to Fitness

If you visit a gym late, you may probably seen a large ball and wonder what sport games they play with such a huge ball. Out of curiosity, you started bouncing that until a gym staff shouts at you “why are you playing? That’s an exercise ball.” Nowadays, fitness centers include exercise ball among their gym […]

How to Use Menstrual Cup Properly, and Its Benefits

Menstrual Cup: How to Properly Use, and Its Benefits - Lazy Monk

Menstrual cups are reuseable cups to be used during a woman’s period. There are many popular brands and types available and it is common now to refer to menstrual cup by its other names such as diva cups, ruby cup, period cup, luna, moon, lunette, feminine cup,  flex menstrual disc etc. These are all referring […]