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Hammock Camping: What You Need To Know

camping hommock

Are you one of those campers who grew up with tent camping? You enjoy nature throughout the day but sleeping inside a closed tent at night? When I first had my camping trip together with my friends, it was a joined trip with other backpackers- that’s when I discovered hammock camping. Hammock Camping is a […]

About the author : Aprile Dañez
Aprile Dañez specializes in Ebook Writing and Content Writing. She is also the Editor and Content Writer of Lazy Monk, and

Inside Out: Getting to Know Each Other

Inside Out Getting to Know each Other

Hello and we welcome to the Lazy Monk Blog. This corner of the website is about you, about the world that surrounds you, the adventures you can take part in, trying to overcome all borders. Remember that nature is challenge, forcing you at every step to cross that set limit. Nature is refuge, helping you […]

About the author : thelazymonk

How Can Nature help You Escape Interior Demons?

How can nature help you escape interior demons

“Expose yourself to your deepest fear; after that, fear has no power, and the fear of freedom shrinks and vanishes. You are free.” – Jim Morrison, The Doors Have you ever asked yourself why people in such a large number are so eager to go in adventures deep in the wilderness of nature? The truth […]

About the author : thelazymonk

Breathtaking Places to Camp Around the World!

The Isle of Arran Scotland

There is no secret that nature takes plenty of forms. The entire world is blessed with amazing locations and it is your duty to discover them. Some of them can be absolutely breathtaking, no doubt about it. However, the challenge is finding them. Lazy monk believes that there is no such thing as best when […]

About the author : thelazymonk