COVID-19 WATCH: 7 Activities to Do at Home During Lockdown or Quarantine

COVID WATCH: Things to Do at Home During Self-Quarantine

Are you looking for activities to do while you are being lockdown or quarantined when the states are asking us to stay at home?

Many across America and the world are forced to stay at home due to the COVID-19 pandemic. With shopping malls, cinemas, tourist spots, parks, and schools locking down, home becomes everyone’s ONLY place to stay. And most of us are bored at home. (There are only so much youtube, Netflix we can watch)

Well, you may treat this quarantine lockdown this way: An opportunity to try new things at home.

Instead of creating a to-do list after this long quarantine, why not try and enjoy a variety of activities than you can do at home NOW.

7 Activities You Can Do While Doing Lockdown or Quarantine

You don’t need to fear lockdown. Establishments may shut down, but not the things you can do at home. Now that you know the benefits of staying at home at this uncertain time, let’s enumerate the things you can do alone or with your family! Here are the following things so you can last against this coronavirus.

  1. Backyard camping
  2. Exercise
  3. Play board games
  4. Cook and be the family chef
  5. Pamper yourself with a home spa
  6. Read books or magazines
  7. Binge-watch movies or Netflix

1) Do backyard camping!

Why wait till this community quarantine last? You can camp right there at your home. Set up tents in your backyard or hang a camping hammock around. Put those pillows and old clothes as your sleeping companions! For those with patio, or backyard, you are lucky, you can just tie your camping hammocks to sturdy pillars, or posts at your yard. If you are lucky to have strong trees, have a great camping trip just outside your house.

For those without spacious outdoor space, fret not, we have many friends on Facebook and Reddit who have set up their camping hammocks indoor! Some have set up on poles in their bedrooms, or tie to pillars in their living rooms or study rooms just to have different and unique sleeping experience!

4in1 Double Camping Hammock With Straps in the Camp

Not only you will find things you need in real camping set up easy; you can turn it into GLAMPING. Relax with a wonderful book or put that movie you’ve been dying to watch while you lay flat in your hammock.

Also, by hanging a hammock in your backyard, you can read a book, or do your work-from-home. If you’re not sure where and how to swing your hammock at home, you can follow these safety steps.

2) Exercise!

Good news, your excuses for not exercising are out of the window! With lots of time in your bag, you can do cardio exercises like aerobics and yoga. Social distancing means paying more attention to yourself. In this time of ravaging pandemic, we need a healthy body and an excellent immune system.

There are many home exercises you can do. You don’t have to own a personal gym either. Exercises like push-ups, squats, and bents don’t require gym equipment.

Exercise Ball Use for core workout
Exercise Ball Use for core workout


If you are pregnant, don’t worry. All you need is a good pregnancy ball to do these exercises effectively. Pregnancy ball helps you do these exercises efficiently. There are tons of exercise demos out there that you can check. Pregnancy ball exercises are generally safe but always proceed with caution.
If you are into meditating like yoga, you probably need a comfortable and robust exercise mat. By having one, you can now go to your backyard or hallway to exercise.

3) Play board games!

If you worry about your kids having an excuse to spend time with their gadgets, you can always play with them! Bring out those old board games you have in your closets. Confiscate their cellphones and put them in a “cell”. The prize? Winning them back when they beat you!

  • Monopoly
  • UNO card games
  • Scrabble
  • Checkers
  • Chess

You can play scrabble, chess, checkers or monopoly. These games kill time and boredom. It also stimulates your child’s brain, so the days they are away from school are not wasted.

Toddler playing Magnetic Blocks

If your child is more manipulative, you can give him or her these magnetic blocks that come with block alphabets and numbers. It has notebooks where they can scribble and draw.

4) Cook and be the family chef!

For sure, most of the fast-food restaurants nearby cut their delivery, so why not cook a meal! Suit up and get ready for the kitchen. Instead of ordering in, try a new recipe you see on YouTube. Bake cookies and cakes for your family.

There are 101 different ways of cooking on Youtube and Google. Find your favorite ingredients, do a simple google search, and experiment away! For example, you can check out video recipes for Chia Seeds or Quinoa Seeds.

Superfood like chia seed or quinoa is versatile, and they can go from breakfast to dinner. You can also make pudding, smoothies, desserts or main meals out of them.

5) Pamper Yourself with Home Spa remedy

I know you’ve been dying to take a break from your tiring busy jobs. Let your body loose from everyday abuse of walking, doing chores, and endless deadlines. Sit down on your massage chair. You can just chill, turn on some favorite music on Spotify or Youtube. Light up a few candles, with a nice glass of drink, and relax at home.

Foot Peel Mask Sample

You can have a good bubble bath, or a nice warm shower, with candlelights, soft music, and a wonderful relaxing mood.

6) Read a good book

Like playing board games, why not read books. There’s no good laid back life than a good book at your hand. Instead of watching stressful COVID-19 updates (though you need to be up to date about this), allow your mind to escape the daily routine by wandering in a story or two. For kids at home, you can read these suggested books while in quarantine.

There is no frigate like a book, anyway.

7) Binge-movies from day to night!

Movie houses are closed. But it’s not a problem. There are lots of websites that offer movies that are often free or with low fee subscriptions. Most of these movies are family-friendly, and your children can learn from them.
There are series that you may want to watch now. No calls or deadlines can hold you up.

Important health reminders while doing self-quarantine

It is essential to know about the virus itself. To keep you safe, you need to understand home safety precautions. . It is not enough just to understand why you are staying at home.

1. Practice social distancing if you are out

Do practice social distancing when you are outside for groceries or buying food for the family. Virus transfers through droplets. So whenever you feel ill, isolate yourself, including your personal belongings. Use face masks (those are identified as effective by the World Health Organization).

2. Wash your hands regularly

The fight against this global pandemic is straightforward. The frequent washing of hands can keep you away from the deadly coronavirus. Wash hands with soap and water for 20 seconds before rinsing.

3. Disinfect before entering your home

Take a bath always, especially after you go out for groceries or food. Disinfect your shoes and other stuff. You can use alcohol or other liquid disinfectants.

4. Eat healthily! Invest in your immune system

While many are busy panic buying soap, toilet papers, and alcohol, better buy vitamins to boost your immune system. If you are not sure what food supplements to buy, I suggest you take more fruits, more greens, and healthy food. You can take tonics or more healthy food like manuka honey apple cider vinegar etc.

Manuka honey is famous for its antibacterial property. It is also a good source of Vitamin C. Take a spoonful before breakfast and before you go to sleep. With its antioxidant properties, you can get rid of the radicals in your body.

Apple ciders help to fight cold and flu-like symptoms which are also symptoms of COVID-19.


The bright side of Staying-at-Home from the Covid19

Besides following the protocol and keeping you alive, there are actual benefits of this so-called self-quarantine or social-distancing. I know it’s hard for us to follow the expert’s opinion, but believe me, it will give you a ton of benefits.

Staying at home opens your eyes to new opportunities.

It may sound a joke, but it is true. There are many things at home that you might need to revisit. Now that you have these “holidays”, you can try new things that you wanted to try a long time ago. I’m sure you will find those here.

Catch-up with your family

Think of those days that you missed. Can you still remember when the last time you had dinner together? Or do you still remember the last movie you’ve watched?

Now you have your opportunity to bond with your siblings, your parents, grandparents, or children.

Instead of following up the news that feeds you scary statistics of the disease, have a heart to heart talk instead. Listen to them, and discuss on things that interest you guys, do remember to tolerate any different opinions and remind yourself that different opinions and viewpoint is what make Americans and humanity so great!


self quarantine


Lockdown or Quarantine gives you time to rest.

You may not be aware, but your day job is already taking a toll on your health. Take these opportunities by taking a much needed rest. It is best for your body to heal. Hit the pillow and sleep! Those undisturbed sleep are better than the power naps you take in your office.

A time to do the household repair or upgrades!

Why not? A part of your house might need renovation now, which you just neglected during the free time. Now, why not grab those tools and repair it. Besides making yourself busy, you are saving money from repair fees! You can even take this time to do some work on improving or upgrading your home furnishing.

It is the right time to reflect.

Now you have all the time in the world; you can try meditating and reflecting your life. You might need to revisit the things you’ve done or the things you value.

Keeping a sound mind and a healthy body amidst this pandemic is crucial. Remember, when you keep yourself at home, you are also contributing to the effort of your government to get things back in normal. Stay home, stay safe- We’re all in this together!

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