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Everything You Need to Know About Baby Sling Wrap

Everything You Need to Know About Baby Sling Wrap

Are you more a baby-wearer mom or a stroller mom? Did your mother use a baby wrapper to carry you? Mostly the answer is yes. Many of us experienced being carried by a baby wrapper, whether we remember it or not. Babies are the happiest when being held by their mom. It is natural for a baby to get closer to his mother, with baby sling wrap, it’s easier for the baby and the parent to build a stronger bond.

Truth is, a mother carrying their baby in a wrapper goes similarly in many countries. Ever heard of Chinese’s Mei Tai or Mexican’s Rebozo? They all have the same goal, to make sure the baby is safe and warm by being snuggled skin to skin to their mom’s body.

What Does Baby Wearing Means?

Baby Wearing International Inc explains that the term “Baby-wearing” means holding or carrying a baby or toddler using a baby wrapper or carrier to make it easier and more comfortable. You can do it at home while your baby is taking a nap close to you or carry the baby while walking outdoor.

Baby Sling Wrap Use

Is Baby Sling Wrap Safe?

It depends on how you are wearing it. If you are following the safety guideline correctly, it could be a safe and easy way to carry a child. When used incorrectly, baby sling wrap can be a choke or suffocate hazard. How? Most cases happened to a baby who is younger than 4 months and their face is pressed against their mother body. Prematurely born babies and babies with respiratory problems are at greater risk of suffocation.

To avoid that, Moby Wrap, encourage mothers to check the baby’s face often. Check if their face is visible, uncovered and away from the caregiver’s body at all times. Also, make sure the baby’s chin isn’t resting on or near their chest as this can disturb their breathing. Don’t forget to correct the baby’s position after feeding.

Baby’s body is still growing, this means their bones aren’t mature and are on development stages. This is why important to make sure they are growing in the right position. Incorrect positioning that occurs continuously may contribute to hip dysplasia.

International Hip Dysplasia Institute explains the recommended and not recommended way of positioning to prevent babies to develop hip dysplasia.

To understand about hip dysplasia, you need to understand that the hip joint is a ball and socket joint. If positioned incorrectly, the ball can be affected permanently thus leading to deforming the socket, this is called hip dysplasia. In the early age, this might go undetected because you are carrying your baby all the time. When the walking age comes, the hip dysplasia may result in painful arthritis and stays into adulthood.

Is Baby Sling Wrap Good For Baby?

Yes, it is!

Some studies stated that there are several benefits you can get from babywearing for your baby and even you! The benefits are:

  1. Wearing a baby is convenient.
  2. Baby cry less!
  3. Baby learns more
  4. Babies worn in slings are happier.
  5. It can be beneficial for you!
  6. Toddlers feel secure
  7. Baby Wraps are economical.
  8. Increase the likelihood of exclusive breastfeeding.
  9. Increase the parent confidence in their own ability to take care of their child.
  10. Baby-wearing is fun!

1. Wearing a baby is convenient.

Baby Sling Wrap Use 1

Isn’t it amazing when you can do two things at the same time? Take care of your baby closer to you and doing another task you want to do? Babywearing is very convenient to all moms who are taking care of their baby, you can walk freely, you can even wash dishes while they nap or simply not worry about the inconvenience of crowded places. It allows you to multitask, by baby-wearing, you can do other things because your hand will be free. Whether it’s talking on the phone or reading magazine, traveling by bus or walking through the mall, you name it! Because you and I know, women are great in multitasking.

2. Baby cry less!

Babywearing decreased the crying and fussing because the baby feels content being snuggled by their baby-wearing mother. One of the most stressful thing about being a parent is when your baby cries nonstop even in the middle of the night. Studies by the American Academy of Pediatrics suggest that babywearing for 3 hours a day reduced crying by 43% overall and 51% at night which is a win-win for both of you and your baby.

3. Baby learns more

Our baby will learn more when they are not crying. When the baby is closer to the mother, they do not cry! Which means when in silence, the baby can learn. The infant is more relaxed when they are not having tantrums and they are able to interact with their environment. A study suggests that carried baby show enhanced visual and auditory alertness and improve their cognitive development.

4. Babies worn in slings are happier.

Baby Sling Wrap Use 4

Crying is exhausting for the baby and his parents and may cause damage to developing his brain due to stress hormones. However, babies who are held cry less often and they become happier, they focus on their environment and they greatly feel the warmth and security of being held close. Continues bonding and attachment help satisfy the baby needs of human interaction.

5. It can be beneficial for you!

Reports show that new mothers don’t find time to exercise and it can be quite challenging. However, with babywearing, you can do a long walk with a sling attached to you and not worry if your baby is crying at home. You will also enjoy the dual benefit of walking while weightlifting the baby you are carrying in the sling.

6. Toddlers feel secure

A natural extension of skin to skin makes both mom and baby feel safe because the baby is snuggled close and always in sight. The baby wrap is not only for newborn babies, but there are also products like Happy Baby Wrap, Solly Babywrap for your toddlers. These baby wraps are good for toddlers as they can feel safe while being carried. The world can be a scary place for toddlers and being closer to you, they can be comfortable and soothe they worry especially in public places like the zoo or park.

7. Baby Wraps are economical.

Buying strollers or front carriers can be quite expensive. You can find cheap slings in Walmart or Amazon with different pattern and designs that you prefer. There is also organic baby wrap at Lazy Monk which is stretchable, breathable and machine washable. The length is enough to FIT NEWBORNS AND INFANTS up to 18 months, this will be the best newborn or infant carrier you will own and very affordable.

8. Increase the likelihood of exclusive breastfeeding.

Studies show that 50% mother that just got discharged from the hospital is more likely to produce breast-milk if they are baby-wearing their baby.

9. Increase the parent confidence in their own ability to take care of their child.

  • Especially helpful for parents with disability or children with special needs. This is because, by baby-wearing your children, you can make sure they are okay as they are always in your sight. Remember always to keep your baby close enough to give them kiss, this means they are in the right position.

10. Baby-wearing is fun.

Baby Sling Wrap Use 3

I’m sure you love cuddling with your baby, with baby sling wrap, it’s easier to do it and it’s easier to make conversations with them as well. You can see their little giggles, their reactions, and you can observe all the little details about them because when they grow older, you will miss those little moments.

What to look for in a baby sling wrap:

Now that you’ve known what benefits can you get with baby wrapping, are you are ready to purchase your very own baby wrap? If not, here is a simple list you can check before buying your baby sling wrap.

1. Does it fit your height and build?

When you are buying your own baby wrap, you have to prioritize the comfort for you and your baby. Choose brands that are right for you, you should consider your shoulder width, bust, and length of the torso. Not every brand is a perfect match for you so choose carefully to avoid discomfort.

2. Is the baby wrap adjustable?

A baby wrap that cannot be easily adjusted is often not the right brand for you. Baby sling was made to easily use and can be used for a long time even if the baby grows bigger. The most baby sling comes with a ring that will help to tighten or loosen the fabric of the product so when buying this for the first time, you should opt to one that is adjustable. The Lazy Monk Baby Wrap can be easily adjusted and comes with a shoulder ring so it can be easily used.

3. What fabric is used?

Before buying, you should examine the fabric being used by the brand. Can you use the machine to wash it? If so, it’s a good one. If not, you may be discouraged in the future if the wrap got a stain and you cannot wash it. Waste of money!

4. How long can you use it?

Make sure that you also put this into consideration before buying your baby wrap. It is important to take note of your needs and how long do you need it. Do you need it for a newborn baby until he/she becomes a toddler? Or for a toddler only? You must decide how long they will use it so you can buy one that is suitable for your need.

Can You Put A Newborn In Baby Sling Wrap?

Baby sling wrap isn’t recommended for babies smaller than 8 pounds unless they have the doctor’s approval. If your baby is more than 8 pounds, you can put them in the baby sling wrap.

Always make sure the baby’s face is visible with their face uncovered. Don’t carry them too low as this can make them “drown” on their wrap, making it harder to breathe. Remember, suffocation can happen within minutes.

Baby Wearing Safety recommends remembering ABC.

  • Airway open

Make sure to keep the baby’s chin off the chest to make sure the airway always opened.

  • Body positioning

Make sure to carrier carry the baby in the right position to prevent slumping

  • Comfort and confidence

If you’re not comfortable and confident with the way you’re carrying your baby, have a spotter nearby to help you.

Motherhood is a beautiful stage in life. Although it’s not easy to do, we still always want the best for our children. By using the right baby sling wrap, you can monitor your children close and it’s going to be easier for you to multitask. There isn’t a guide to be a perfect mother, but what’s important is we try our best.

If you’re looking for a big, stylish and high-quality baby bag to put all of your baby’s needs (bottles, diapers, clothing, anything you name it!) in one bag, check out the Lazy Monk’s Baby Sling Wrap below.


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