Fresh Air Is Important For Our Dog, Cats And Pets!

Fresh Air Is Important For Our Dog, Cats And Pets!

You love fresh air, that is why you have your windows open! Your dogs, cats and pets love windy, clean fresh air too!

Don’t keep them locked up indoors every day 🙂 Give your dog or cats chances to roam in your garden, your yard or bring them out for a walk (Probably not the cat for a walk, the last time I tried with my cat, she refuse to leave my fence and my dog was pissed I delayed her evening walk. But yes, cats do love fresh air too, so a window that allows breeze is great!)

Let’s take a look at your dog and hopefully we can do all we can to give them the best living condition we can offer.

Is Fresh Air healthy and good for dogs and pets?

Dogs, cats, and pets all love fresh air because breathing better gives them more energy. Their body is able to process their food for energy more efficiently. Easy breathing of clean, fresh air allows more oxygen to be sent to all parts of the body. A great environment allows your furkids to have an energetic profile, his respiratory system is able to maintain acid and base balance, act as a blood reservoir, takes part in cell metabolism, and essential for immunity.

When they are more energetic, your dogs can release all these energies for healthier playful activities like digging, chasing things, and running outside. Your dog can enjoy nature and sniffs all the different scents and the signature smell of all types of nature.

As we humans stay indoor in our home most of the time, we should make an effort to let our dogs have opportunities to enjoy fresh air, even when indoor.

A few suggestions on how you can provide fresh air indoor:

  • Open windows:- Before you leave for work, do make sure the windows are open to let fresh air circulate. You can close the windows just before you leave the house if you need to secure your windows. Or if you have grilles, it would be great leaving your windows open without fear of people getting in or your dog getting out.

Open windows

  • Sleep:- Let your dog sleep near a window or dog: – Your dog will love getting fresh air while he sleeps.
  • Walks- Dogs need to walk daily to exercise and get their air. You can go for walks in the morning or at evening so that the air is cool, breezy and nice.
  • Ask for dog-walkers:- if you are unable to walk your dog regularly, do try to get trusted neighbors or friends to help you walk the dog. There are apps that pairs dog walkers to where you live so you can have your dog walking regularly.

Dog Walker

  • Houseplants for pets’ fresh air: Some houseplants do purify the air. This is useful not just for your pet but for yourself too! Your family and you will breathe in nice oxygen and the plants remove the volatile chemicals from your home too. Some examples of such plants are- Aloe vera, Gerber daisies, Golden pothos, Chrysanthemums, Spider plants, Azaleas, English Ivy, Chinese evergreens, Bamboo palms, to Peace lilies.
  • Install net screen door for your dog or cat to move in and out of your gardens and your home

Magnetic screen net door for your patio or house for dog to move freely

Suggestions: Install a magnetic net screen door so your dog or cats can enter and leave your home for the patio /garden/yard freely. The net screen door will stop mosquitos, insects, and bugs from entering your home while allowing your pets and you to move in and out of the house easily.


Many pet owners love this magnetic screen door!

How Much Time Should Dog Spend Outside?

Give your dog at least 30 minutes to 40 minutes outside, more if you have time. You can spend more than an hour to two hours outside with your dog and let him enjoy checking out the neighborhood. Your dog loves physical activities! You can either do all the activities at one-go per day or just break it up into 2 or 3 walks/outdoor activities per day.

Do let him roam around and walk more. A rough guide is at least 1 to 3 miles every day for your dog walking. Free feel to walk more than that if your dog is active or large. Young puppies should not walk more than 2 miles. Do note that every dog is different and you can adjust the time that suits your dog and you.

If you are unable to spend 30 minutes to 120 minutes a day on dog walking, consider hiring a dog-walker instead.

A walk is good for a dog’s mental health so they can avoid becoming anxious or destructive. Walking your dog is a great way to bond and you also get a chance to meet other people jogging, exercising, or walking their dogs too. Walking your dog is a great way to destress!

How far do I need to walk my dog?

It depends on the dog how far you need to walk daily

  • age and youthfulness of the dog
  • size and weight of the dog
  • health level
  • the energy level of the day
  • the energy level of the dog OWNER

How far do I need to walk my dog?

A large dog needs to walk more and longer than a small dog, probably 5 to 10 miles instead of 1-4 miles for a small dog. A young and healthy dog will love to walk more than 5 to 10 miles a day. An energetic dog and his owner can walk a lot more than usual.

More importantly, do look for signs that your dog wants to continue or wants to rest. It should be obvious when your dog is excited for more or gets tired and start to rest on his 4 legs. =) Give it plenty of water and rest when he is tired. Be considerate and attentive to your dog.

Is the weather or air too hot for my dog?

Yes, the air can be too hot for your dog, especially when the hot sun is out. In summer or even spring, it can be nastily hot, and the pavement is scorching hot. Keep the walks short with lots of opportunities for the dog to drink water and keep cool under shade.

Do try to have their dog walks in the morning or evening where the air is cooler and the pavement is not hot. If you have to walk your dog in the daytime, keep to the shades and keep the walks short.

Make sure your dog has plenty of chances to drink up, and although the weather can be hot for us, don’t stop outright taking your dog for walks, your dogs love the fresh air outside and are a wonderful animal that craves for outdoor walks.

Do Dogs Prefer To Be Inside Or Outside?

Our dogs prefer to be with us whether inside or outside. They are animals that desire love and companionships. Our dogs are family.

They share our beds, our house, and most importantly, our heart. Before answering the question, whether dogs prefer to be inside or outside, it’s important to know that dogs are a social animal. They are a sociable animal, whether it’s communicating to their owner, other dogs, or watching herds animal like cows and sheep.

As long as they have shelter when the weather is harsh (be it from the rain or from the sun), and food to eat, clean water to drink, they would love a home that is balanced between inside and outside. Most importantly they love to be near humans, near their owners.

Do note the weather is most important in letting your dog staying inside or outside. If the air is fresh, the weather is cool, of course, the dog would love to go loiter outside.

If the weather is hot, dogs can get overheated quickly. If the skies are raining and the air is cold, they will much prefer to be indoor, dry and warm.

Dogs rely on us for comfort, shelter, and food.

If your dog likes to go outside, you should provide them with:

  • Shelter for your dog. They need a sheltered area in the garden or patio etc where they can hide from the elements. If the sun is too hot, or when rain or snow is falling, the shelter can be where your dog goes for a rest.
  • Food for your dog. Your dog wants a well-balanced diet. Do check that the dog food does not attract other animals or pests and your dog can eat them peacefully and happily.
  • Water in a clean bowl. Do make sure you change the water and bowl if it gets dirty. Do top up and make sure there is more water than he can drink.
    Sunshine, outdoor and nature!
    Sunshine, outdoor and nature!

Give your dog a chance to move indoors when he wants to. Sometime he may prefer to go indoors where the temperature is more comfortable or he wants to feel the presence of a human.

Do Dogs like Living indoors in the house or apartment?

Yes, dogs do like living in the house because they know their owners live and sleep there. They are social animals and like to be at where the activities are.

Dogs love the company of family members living in the house. Dogs who do not have the time and opportunity to socialize are unhappy and can become fearful, anxious, destructive, aggressive, or depressed.

If dogs live inside they know your house rules if you enforce them from young. They will not jump on sofa, bed or mess up places you have taught them to be off-limits. If your dog is outside all the time, they are more likely to bark, howl, escape, destroy things, or jump on people because of all the unreleased energy. They are more aggressive to their territory too.

Sleeping Dog

If you own a dog, they should be able to come indoors and spend time with you.

Spending time with them will help them be happier and well behaved. Just don’t forget that inside dogs need fresh air too and there are several things I mentioned above that you can do!

Do dogs like cats?

Actually yes! Dogs like to socialize with cats. Usually, it is the cats that do not like dogs and may actually ignore or run away from the dogs. (you can’t blame them, most dogs are bigger, and more active than cats who may prefer quietness)

I have more than a few pet owners who told me that their dogs can mix and socialize with their cats outdoor and indoor as well. Dogs and cats are like humans, everyone has their own characters, different preferences and likes too. I have 1 dog and 1 cat who loves each other and play together as a kitten and puppy (both were stray puppy and kitten whom we picked off the streets to take care) and sadly as they grow older, they prefer their own individual comfort zone and stay clear of one another. Nonetheless, they respect each other’s boundaries, food, and water. This does sound like some of us with our friends =)

Do cats need fresh air too?

Yes, cats love fresh air from outdoor too. All animals love fresh, clean windy air 🙂

It is true that cats prefer to stay indoors than outdoors (in most cases, but of course there are always the usual exceptional cats: many of our cat communities shared stories of how extraordinary their cats are), cats do love fresh air from windows, vents, and open doors.

This is why so many house owners have this type of magnetic net door for their homes. It lets their pets move in and out of their house freely.

Have a window open for fresh air! Do take note to have nettings or screens to prevent cats from jumping outside. Cats are too curious at times and many cats are injured from jumping out at a sight that they are curious about (chasing bugs, for example). Young cats may be alright with small height drop, but older cats or when their homes are of higher ground, the fall from a window can be fatal for cats.

You can also install doors with gates or screens that prevent cats from moving outside but cool air to breeze through.


Should I have my dog stay off the grass when it goes outdoor for fresh air?

It depends. Most grass patches outside are clean and do not have fleas and ticks. Dogs love running in grasses and it is usually safe and healthy to do so.

However, some grass patches may have bugs or fleas from other animals roaming around. Or there may be hard debris or rubbish in the grass that may not be good for your dog. You may like to check the grass if it is not in an area that you are familiar with. Other that that, there is not much to worry about and you can let your dog roam free. I personally bring my dogs out for walks around the grass and fields around my neighborhood, he is very happy to roam and enjoy the different scents and sounds of nature.

I would say most grass fields are safe and clean for dogs or cats to roam. In fact, dogs and cats do chew on the grass to get some natural remedy for their upset stomach or unwellness.

As a dog owner, I know how happy my dog is when he is allowed to run across the field and sniff and the different types of flowers and grass species and sometimes he finds a butterfly or bee that he is curious at. 🙂

Dogs are family! Cats are family! Our furkids bring so much joy to us, let’s do our best to give them happiness every day!

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