Getting to Know Your Hammock

Getting to know your Hammock

Hello adventurers!

This is Lazy Monk speaking! Although I have a lot to say, I shall try to temper myself! I have walked this world up and down. Left and right, always looking and searching for something, not even I knew!

I am a great lover of camping, and love using our camping hammocks for our family, ever since we switched from tent camping more than 10 years ago! My wife and I started our outdoor adventures from tent, to camping 2 persons hammocks and now our daughters and son join us in our regular camping trips across America!

A good comfortable, water-proof, warm and cozy camping hammock is the key to great enjoyment and relaxation in nature!

My family and my love for camping

My adventure began some time ago and all I knew was that I had to escape the cold streets of the city! From the very start, I decided to enter the amazing nature, with everything it has to offer. It is true, I did not know what I was looking for, but I knew that the answer would come to me. However, I never did expect to find so much!

Many go through life thinking that nature is simply a way to relax, nothing more. How wrong they are! There is nothing more exciting than discovering a new world. Imagine the excitement you might feel if you were to invent a new color, right now!

That is exactly how you feel when entering a new world, that of nature. Rivers get connected and your world is completely changed, becoming stronger than ever before.

The camping hammocks I built out of passive for outdoor

Since it is time for confessions, it might be fair to mention that I had a partner, my Camping Hammock! I do not mean to brag or seem presumptuous, but the truth is that this hammock is the best friend you could have in the wilderness.

Why? Because I made it! It took me years to escape the perspective prison I was locked in, years to see my life differently. After gaining all these pieces of information, I decided to design the hammock. Let me tell you a bit about it!

Getting to know your Hammock more

This is not your ordinary hammock.

Relaxing and strong hammocks

First of all, you don’t have to enjoy the beauty of nature all by yourself! In this hammock, you can take someone dear to you and rest. It is safe and comfortable, so you have all the freedom in the world to relax, without worrying about anything. Secondly, the material is strong.

When having to choose the fabric, I instantly thought about using parachute fabric to use for this hammockj. What better choice? Imagine that this fabric resists the wrath of air and on top of things, it is waterproof. It is perfect for the hammock!

Sitting in your hammocks, enjoying the beauty of wildness

When exploring nature, you will notice that you get the urge to sit in the middle of the forest looking up at trees, not being able to get enough. Nature is absolutely breathtaking and the hammock is the perfect partner because you can continue admiring it over and over again! Lay in your hammock, beautifully placed between two sturdy trees looking towards the top of the forest or in front of a lake, admiring its peacefulness.

A pocket in the hammocks

To make matters even better, I have added a small pocket to the hammock, where you can place your drink. Water is the elixir of life, so keep it close, even when you are relaxing.

I know, maybe better than anyone, that discovering nature can be tiring, which is why it is generally recommended that you travel lightweight. The good news is that this hammock is featherweight, so when exploring the unknown, you won’t even feel the hammock in your backpack.

What is even better about my hammock, as opposed to others existing on the market, is that it is so simple to use. There is nothing difficult about it! You needn’t lose time deciphering how a tool is used, not when you are surrounded by nature! When you exploring the outdoors, your mind should be focused on the present. Notice the leaves, feel the wind, taste the rain.

Enjoy the world with your hammocks camping!

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Don’t lose your time reading instructions. Nature is about staying inspired and letting go of old perspectives, only to discover new ones!

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