Hammock Camp: Activities at Home Without Spending Money


With the campsites closing their doors for this lockdown, you might think that your camping holidays are over. Well, believe it or not, this is not the time to take away those camping gears, especially your hammock.

Don’t be discouraged. There is a campground near you! It’s free, no need to travel with your RV, and it is SAFE! — Your home.

Yes, you can turn your home into a hammock camping haven. Learn the ideal spot in your home, whether in the living room or your backyard.

Do you think trees are the only means of hanging your camping hammock? Think again. You will be surprised by these spots where you can spend the rest of your quarantine with your family. With your camping hammock, you can enjoy the day with fun activities without spending a dime!

Best Spots to Hang your Camping Hammock

4in1 Double Camping Hammock With Straps in the Camp

There are lots of indoor spaces if you don’t have the luxury of having a big backyard. All you have to do is to remember the following rules in conducting a hammock camping at home:

  1. Safety
  2. Creativity
  3. Enjoyment

There is a reason why safety comes first, and it’s all common sense. If you are not familiar with your hammock, or if it is your first time to use it, always read the manual. But if you want a comprehensive guide, you can still read it here.

Where to hang your hammock at home?

  1. The Wall

    Look for or install lag hooks on your wall that can compensate for the camper’s weight. Go for lag screws that are more than six inches, strong enough to hold an adult.

    Usually, the close walls are the corner walls. A double hammock is a wise choice so that you can have extra space for your midnight snacks. Talking about being sneaky!

  2. The Staircase

    Talking about the durable part of your home, it’s the stairs. Hang your camping hammock on the balusters at the side of the wall. It will give you the reclining effect, which is suitable for snorers. The elevated position will provide relief to collapsing throat muscle.

  3. The Hammock Stand

    The most convenient of the three are having a hammock stand. You can lie flat anywhere else in the house. There are many durable hammock stands in the market. But f you don’t have one, you can always create a makeshift stand.

Outdoor Spots to Hang your Hammock

  1. The Obvious Trees

    There will always be trees in your backyard strong enough to hold you. What makes trees the best option in hanging your camp is you can overlap it. You have the luxury of having campfire below as you chat the night away.

    Like in usual camping, we must consider the Safety of these trees. Lazy Monk 4-in-1 Double Camping Hammock has tree hugger straps. These will protect against steel marks.

    4in1 Double Camping Hammock With Straps Use

  2. The Car + 1

    car camping hammockBetween the two outdoor hanging spots, your car matches the versatility of the hammock stand. With your straps and ropes, you can use your car roof rack. Create a secure knot, hang the end on your car, and find a sturdy place to hang the other end. You can use your car with a tree or your car to a window. The rule of the thumb is clear: as long as they are strong enough to compensate for the weight of the camper.

  3. Create a Makeshift Camp

4in1 Double Camping Hammock With Straps Style

Now you fix and hang your hammocks; it’s time to create a makeshift camp. With all the convenience of tools and supplies right at your fingertips, the sky’s the limit. Your field should be fun with your family by making activity stations around your house. You will find yourself and your family making beautiful memories out of this lockdown.

The beauty of the 4-in-1 Lazy Monk Camping Hammock is it can turn into four other ways of using it. If you haven’t seen one, check the comprehensive guide of its usage. You can use it as a porch, tent, rainfly, and a wind tarp.


Activities for camping at home without spending money

In this camping, you and your family should at least do something, just like your regular camping days. You can enjoy simple yet fun activities with your family, kids, and loved ones. You can try the following activities without spending a dime.

  1. Movie Marathonhammock camping movie marathon

    Turn your camping hammock into the porch, and then put the TV in it. Watch your favorite movie or finish that TV series you missed!

    It’s also good to watch home-made videos from a wedding, a birthday or the last trip you had.


  2. Art Station

    art with kids - hammock campingKids will love this station. Bring out the art materials. Arrange some tables and let them draw anything. Ask the kids to sketch the things they want to do once the lockdown is over. By doing so, you are also eliminating any anxiety feeling from them. Art, in many ways, is therapeutic.

  3. Barbecue Station



    Camping will never be complete without grilling some fish and meat! Heat that grill and start making barbecues with your family.


    You don’t have to spend money to buy meat or fish for your barbeque; you can use some meat in your freezer. If you don’t have meat at home, there are online deliveries of fresh foods and veggies at your convenience.

    To make your camping close to the real one, do the cooking by the traditional camping method. You can try rotisserie or a gas barbecue if you have one.

  4. Campfire as the centerpiece

    4in1 Double Camping Hammock With Straps in the Camp

    Like many camping trips, you can have a campfire for a night, especially when you choose your backyard. Treat this as a typical camping night with you. Bring out your blankets and go around your campfire. Hang around your hammock, or you can make it as a tent. For excellent comfort, you can use a weighted blanket to treat anxiety and stress. We know you need that one now.

    And don’t sleep the night out. You can barbecue marshmallows, tell ghost stories, and talk about plans. This lockdown is the right time to patch things up with your family.

Be creative out there. These are suggestions, and you can make variations in your camp. The vast resources you have at your home will give you ideas flowing. 

A little reminder for this lockdown

If you are a parent or an adult home, you have the responsibility to supervise youngsters. It is essential to have a good sense of humor in these depressing days. Like camping, there are other ways you can think of making your stay better.

  • Practice social distancing
  • Teach them of proper hygiene
  • Wash your hands for every task you finish

If you keep everyone busy, each day will pass without even noticing it. Create a plan for the family to achieve. You can face this pandemic as one.

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