How Can Nature help You Escape Interior Demons?

How can nature help you escape interior demons

“Expose yourself to your deepest fear; after that, fear has no power, and the fear of freedom shrinks and vanishes. You are free.” – Jim Morrison, The Doors

Sky Nature

Have you ever asked yourself why people in such a large number are so eager to go in adventures deep in the wilderness of nature? The truth is that even without knowing, we feel the connection with nature. We yearn for its smell, its sound and the feeling of freedom it offers.

Fighting our inner demons with outdoor

A perfectly valid explanation for these unknown reactions we share is the fact that we have lived all our lives together with monsters, demons we cannot see, but we can acknowledge them as soon as we escape from our environment and enter a new one, an unknown one.

Win your personal battles. They all die in nature.

As many people, you might have grown up with the demons such as Limit or Fear. Maybe Unhappiness has crossed your door path, preventing you from enjoying life. Instead of fighting a subtle, yet vivid war within your soul, why not let nature help? What a partner in battle the woods, the fresh air, the strong water can be! In this world, Fear or Limit cannot stand against you! They become worthless, because you taste freedom.

What better inceptive is there to make you crave for more, to defeat those interior demons that hide behind each one of your decisions? In nature, they do not stand a chance.

Inside Out sunlight Nature

There have been many who have given this therapy a chance and have succeeded. Take your hammock and walk. That is all the training you need, nothing more. Walk over the hills and deep in the forest. Walk towards the cliff to hear the waves smashing in the rocks! Walk until you find your camping spot.

Find your beloved spot in nature

That will be the place where your army of love and courage will be talking strategies and where they will be obtaining victory. The two trees will be the giants that protect you and that will watch over your camp, letting Love and Courage, your two admirals talk in silence.

So many people go through life, controlled by Fear and led by Limit, without knowing the wonders hidden within their mind and spirit. They let themselves bossed around by society, by tradition, forgetting about Desire. Remember that your spirit is being crushed each time he wants something different and the door closes right in front of him.

Change your life for the better with camping and nature’s gifts.

Now it’s time to make a change. You will never find the meaning of life or the answers you are desperately seeking between the four walls of your room. You need something more. You need to find life in order to discover its meaning.

Make that first step into nature and let go. Let your survivor instinct take over and focus on the now. What are you going to do, will you turn left or right or are you brave enough to walk ahead, no longer hiding behind trees? Nature is about exposing yourself to the unknown. Do so and you will find great reward. You will gain your soul and connect with it.


When relaxing in your hammock, perfectly tied between two trees, you find peace, you find balance and you stand still in the frozen moment between past and future. Your mind is present.

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