How to choose a hammock? Best camping hammock for outdoor.

How to choose a hammock? Best camping hammock for outdoor.

The best hammock is one that is light, portable, and giving you comfortable space to rest, relax and chill while on your camping hammock trip outdoor. The hammock should be durable, easy to wash, and comes with tree straps for easy setup.

Enjoying nature while sitting or lying down on a hammock is one of life’s greatest pleasures. so how do you choose a hammock for your camping trip?

How to choose a hammock?

Ok you have decided to start camping more outdoors without the tents and going for hammocks camping instead, so how do you choose the best hammocks for the outdoors?

You want to choose the best hammock based on these factors:

  1. Size
  2. End use for the hammock
  3. Hammock accessories such as tree straps

Size of the hammocks

Most hammocks are designed to be light and portable and generally, all weighs similarly. The main size difference is between a single hammock and a double hammock.

What is a double hammock?

A double hammock is large enough to allow two persons to sleep in it comfortably. Many campers actually choose double hammock even when they plan to camp alone. They choose double hammock so that they have more space in the hammock for comfort. They can have more of their comforts, such as snacks, drinks, books, iPad in the hammock for their relaxation.

Of course, a double hammock is great too if you want to hang out with a friend in the outdoor.

double camping hammock with tree straps for two in the outdoors
double camping hammock with tree straps for two in the outdoors

Here is an estimate of the sizing width and weight capacity of single and double hammocks

  1. Double hammocks usually have a width of around 5 to 6 feet range (180cm) and a capacity to handle around 500 pounds (around 226 kilograms). Double hammock allow a single sleeper to have a lot more space to sleep and have his kit around.
  2. Single hammocks usually have a width of around 4 to 5 feet range (150cm) and a capacity to handle 300 to 400 pounds (around 180 kilograms).
  3. Hammock length is usually 75 to 79 inches for both single and double hammock.
  4. Hammock fabric is usually based on “denier”. Most hammocks are of the same type of fabric and using a  denier of 70 unless it is featured as “ultralight” of which usually the denier is 30. Fabric that is ultra-light means it tends to wear out faster and easier than fabric that is thicker. Unless you want super light, most hammock fabrics are regular denier (around 70)

End-use of the hammock

How do you intend to use the hammock will factor what type of hammock is best suitable for you. If you like to travel light and want to cut down on the weight of your backpack, then an ultralight hammock is for you, even though it inevitably will wear out easier.

Most campers are fine with a regular hammock weight (after all most hammocks are quite light and small). Many campers would even choose a double hammock instead of a single hammock as the extra space and comfort it affords is a great add-on!

You would appreciate sleeping in more space and having extra joys in your hammock with you.

Hammock accessories

Tree straps

Tree straps (aka suspension systems) are often sold separately from the hammock (some brands do include tree straps as free gifts with the double hammock). A good suspension system is important to secure your hammock to the tree. It should also not damage the tree.

Blanket or quilts

Blanket or underquilt. If you are camping in the cooler weather, you may take note that besides a blanket over you, you want something underneath to keep your back warm as well. You can have a blanket or quilt under you in the hammock to keep you nice and warm. You can have an underquilt outside your hammocks to keep your back warmer.


So why should you choose a double hammock for camping?

The double hammock makes your camping trip a lot more enjoyable and luxurious.

Any camper loves a double hammock because it gives a lot more space for you to sit or sleep in. You can have extra space to keep your snacks, drinks (in a covered flask), books and iPad, etc. Many buyers of double hammocks are actually using it alone on their camping trips.

Camping 101_How To Setup A Hammock
Camping 101_How To Setup A Hammock and enjoy nature alone!

If you are thinking of camping with a friend and wondering whether to bring two single hammocks or one double hammock, here are the reasons why choosing a double hammock would be great.

  1. Carry less weight and bulk
  2. Romance and bonding (sitting and sleeping together)
  3. Speed of setting up 1 hammock
  4. Strength (double hammock are stronger)
  5. Comfort (especially when 2 bodies are sharing body heat in a cold camping spot)
  6. Price (savings when you buy a double hammock compared to 2 singles)

How do I choose a double hammock? What is the best double hammock?

So we now know a double hammock is ideal, even when camping alone! Now we should focus on choosing a good double hammock that can last us a long time!

A good double hammock should be:-

  1. Strong and durable fabric and rope
  2. Easy washable so that it can be clean and last for a long time
  3. With tree straps
  4. Portable and lightweight
  5. Lost cost

One of the hammocks in America that has great customer reviews is the double hammocks with tree straps by Lazy Monk. It is designed by a camping family that goes out camping often and decided to design outdoor products for their own family business.

The double hammock is light and portable, and it comes with a strong and durable fabric that lasts. The entire hammock is also machine washable so you can wash and/or repair hammocks when needed.


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