How To Have A Smooth Hammock Camping Trip

how to have a smooth hammock camping

To make your camping hammock experience good, or even better, like a night you always remember, we have come with a lot of useful tips for you. No matter what camping hammocks, eno hammock, banana hammock, hammock chair, hennessy hammock or hammock tent that you are using, these tips will do well to help in your outdoor adventures!

This one comes after a lot of research and combining all the tips from all the experts, we can proudly say that we have several useful tips for you and your beloved hammock. Here are 16 tips to have a smooth hammock camping trip:

16 Hammock Camping Tips

Are you excited on your first hammock camping trip but are still afraid that it might ruin your camping trip because you are familiar with the usage of a tent or because you are not prepaid?

Worry no more because I list down all the important tips you need to remember to have a smooth hammock camping trip.

1. Choose the right camping hammock

Double Camping Hammock for 2 person
Double Camping Hammock for 2 person

This is the first step that will be the key for you to experience a good or bad time. There are a lot of hammock types, brands, and materials. All we have to say is you have to make sure you choose the right model that specifically designed for camping. Don’t pick a hammock just because it is cheap. You should find a reasonable price for you and see if the hammock is worth your money.

You can make a list of criteria of what makes a good hammock like it uses high-strength, durable materials, and fit your weights.

2. Try it out

This one is serious too. Don’t even think to go camping without having ever tried your own hammock! Imagine how confused you will be when you don’t know how to set it! Don’t just head out into the wilderness without practicing how to set it and see how comfortable you are in it.

3. Pick the right spot for your hammock chair

Finding the right spot is crucial, not only for your comfort but also for your safety. Don’t just hang your hammock anywhere. Pick the right tree, with the right place that sturdy enough to support your body and your hammock with straps to tie to the trees! See if the trees are solidly higher and avoid cold pools!

You have to pick a place where you can hang your hammock at least 60 meters from a water source. This is for your safety and for plant habitats safety. Therefore you won’t damage the plant habitats along the river margins and banks. They play an important role in keeping soil stable and prevent land erosion.

You also have to check the area properly. See if there are any roots or lichen you could easily trip or slip on. And check for hidden hazards such as wasp nests or poisonous plants. Don’t hang your hammock over somewhere you don’t want to fall on. It’s better to be safe than sorry!

4. Hang your hammock the right way

Practice makes perfect. And this saying goes to you and your hammock too. Just like I said before; try your hammock, you should learn how to pitch your hammock the right way without letting your hammock hang too loose or too slack.

First, choose the right three that is stable enough to support your weight. The tree that you choose has to be sturdy, thick and healthy. Don’t hang your hammock straps on a dead tree, they could break or fall and causing you serious harm and damage to the area. If you are not sure, check if the branches are alive or dead.

After that, you can try to hang your hammock. Don’t string up your hammock as tightly as possible between the anchor points. It could cause a cocooning effect that can squeeze your shoulders and bow your back.

The correct way is to set a 30-degree angle straps to the trees for a good starting point. To properly set up your hammock, head over to Why You Should Switch From Tent to a Hammock Camping to learn the proper way to hang your very own hammock.

5. Lay the right way too!

Yes, you read that right! You have to do this correctly, not only you have to hang the hammock correctly, but you need to learn to lay in it too.

This play a big role in your sleep comfort. If you pitch it with the right amount of slack, you can lie easily. The correct way is to lay diagonally. Hammocks were designed this way, so you can feel your head and feet drop down as your body reclines ergonomically. To prevent any sliding that your body may do naturally and result in an uncomfortable position, try hanging the foot side of the hammock 20 to 24cm higher.

6. Know your camping hammock!

double camping hammock for 2 persons
double camping hammock for 2 persons

This means you have to be familiar with all the features your hammock could offer you. There are many brands that offer different functionalities. The basic one is like a gear pocket, an attached stuff sack where you can store your things during transport and use. Check out the Lazy Monk double camping hammock as it offers a complete setup hammock bundle that you need.

7. Multi-Use Camping hammock tent chair

Your hammocks can be used as a chair too
Your hammocks can be used as a chair too

You can use your hammock as a chair too. Just hang it lower to the ground at about waist height with the right amount of slack. This way you don’t need to bring a chair and can save a lot of space when you go camping or backpacking.

8. Stay Warm in your camping

This is also a major problem that hammock users have to experience. The cold ‘butt’, uncomfortable situation that happens because the cold air circulates underneath you because you are hanging above the ground. This also happens during warmer nights.

The solution to this problem is to add a warm sleeping bag or a hammock underquilt and airpad that will help a lot to you. We will explain it more in the next subtopic about camping in cold weather.

9. Stay dry and waterproof

If you choose to go camping in unpredictable weather such as rain, snow or other moisture, you should probably bring a rainfly or tarp.

You can prevent yourself from getting wet by pitching it so that ends extend well past each side of your hammock and well over the ends too.

10. Make Yourself Comfortable

4in1 Double Camping Hammock With Straps in the Camp
4in1 Double Camping Hammock With Straps in the Camp

By all means, do all the preparation. You better be well prepared than feeling sorry because you choose not to bring vital things such as outdoor bug net.

There are few things that can ruin a camping trip, one of it is being pestered by mosquitoes or bugs. All night long! However, you can prevent this by bringing a mosquito net that covers all your body, or mosquito head net if you already have a sleeping bag.

To make yourself more comfortable, you can also bring a pillow. It makes a similar feeling like sleeping in a tent or in a bed. If you choose to do it, find a soft and lightweight pillow that is meant for travel. Or just use your sweatshirt or jacket and balled it up!

11. Bring Carabiners for your outdoor camping

Many people said that carabiners and paracord are one of the most useful pieces of camping equipment.

Both of them can be used in a lot of different ways. For example as a clip to hang extra gear from your hammock, or to properly pitch it for a pinch.

12. Two for one double camping for space, warmth and cosyness

4in1 Double Camping Hammock With Straps for 2 persons
4in1 Double Camping Hammock With Straps for 2 persons

If you plan to hammock camp with another person, consider a two-person camping hammock. This way you and your partner can sleep in one hammock and get cozy up. This way one of you don’t have to pack more, and this means you can use the space to bring another stuff. The plus side you can spend a memorable night with some quality time together! What a win-win solution

13. Dress the right way

This means you have to wear and bring the right clothing. You don’t want to be too cold, or too warm. Also, consider if you use a sleeping bag or no. If you don’t, you might want to add another layer of clothing so you won’t feel cold.

The standard use of clothing (there are no strict rules here) is three layers of clothing consists of an inner layer, a middle layer, and outer layer.

The inner layer is your undergarments to wicks moisture away from your body, the middle layer can be a fleece shirt that keeps you warm, and the outer layer is a waterproof jacket and pants that will keep you dry. Don’t forget to remove the outer layer before laying in your hammock at night.

14. Keep it light

I know you are excited about your first time camping experience. But you don’t need to bring all the books, or game, or iPod to the woods! You also don’t need a ton of shirt, camera and those kinds of stuff.

Remember only to bring the essential, because you also need to bring your camping gear.

15. Use a drip line

This will be your trip saver if there is any rain or snow. It will help to keep you dry in your hammock. To do this, all you have to do is tie a rope or string on your hammock suspension cord, this will result to the rainwater flow to its lowest point, which is the end of the drip lines because when you tie the rope, it will leave two long ends of the rope or string hanging down.

16. Plan before the nature trip

What is the key to success? Good planning it is. Without a good plan, you will find yourself stumbling across failure. So, before you decide to go on a hammock camping trip, take time to plan. Start by prepare and organize your trip several days before your departure date. This will give you time to pack your gear, additional things, stock up on food and supplies.

Don’t forget to research your camping ground too. Double check if there are any bans or no in that site. Because there are some places that might have endangered trees or trees that are not strong enough to support hammock campers.

Hammock Camping In Cold Weather

hammock camping for winter, summer, spring or fall
hammock camping for winter, summer, spring or fall

Do you know you are able to do a hammock camping even in winter? Some of you might think that is a crazy idea. But it’s doable! With the right preparation, equipment, and knowledge, you can check it from your bucket list!

Yes! The most important thing is to stay warm and dry. You can do this by choosing the right place to pitch your hammock, create a wind/rain or snow block (tarp or rainfly), and then add insulation (sleeping bag). Just like that.

If you choose to try this winter adventure, I suggest bringing a mummy bag for your sleeping bag that is qualified for cold weather. And, don’t forget to wear proper winter clothes, with gloves, socks, and a hat too.

Here are a few tips for hammock camping in winter

  • Be wary of widowmakers. See if you set your hammock under heavy branches that have a possibility of breaking or not. The stress of rain, cold, wind and the snow sometimes makes dangerous tree conditions.
  • Bring hot water. A hot thermos full of water or your favorite tea (this is even better!), will warm you in the cold nights!


Why You Should Never Camp Without A Hammock

There are many ways to enjoy the great nature, such as camping and hiking. For a long time, people go camping using a tent. This could mean a great deal for some people because they have to deal with a tent, trailer or an RV.

For some of you who like a simpler approach, you can try a hammock camping. And we have several reasons why you should never camp without a hammock:

4in1 Double Camping Hammock With Straps Use
4in1 Double Camping Hammock With Straps Use

1. It is super easy. Hammock with straps is easy!

Unlike a tent, a hammock is easier and faster to set up. Learn how to setup you camping hammock here.

2. You will carry less stuff. Portable Hammock is light

When you go tent camping, you have to bring a lot of things about your camping gear. And it is often heavy. If you choose a hammock, it will be lighter. All you need to bring is your hammock, tarp, sleeping bag, and a rainfly. And you are good to go!

3. It is comfortable

If you still think a tent is your best friend, imagine this: look at where you’ve been sleeping. Is it the uneven ground? Or rocks? Tree roots? Don’t forget about the local friends such as bugs, insects or even snake!
When you hang in your hammock, you are above the ground! You won’t need to worry about all those kinds of stuff.

4. Hammock as Chair, Tent, it is versatile

Are you a first timer? Well, be prepared because you are going to experience things you have never felt before. This will change the way you see ‘camping’ completely. You can choose anywhere you want to, as long as it has two sturdy and strong tree to hang your hammock with straps.

So, any ideas yet? How about a small babbling brook or underneath a pier? Or somewhere not too far away from the local spring or river? It’s a dream for a nature lover!
If you seek more openness, you will get it. You are going to see nature and gaze at the stars at night. No tent walls will be blocking your view and separate you from nature.

5. It is good for your health

Yes, it’s true! Sleeping in a hammock can result in great night sleep. When you sleep rocking in the hammock, it will help you sleep faster. From the natural position, it will give you, and you will be exposed from any weird nighttime sounds.

6. Camping Hammock is more nature-friendly

When you go tent camping, you have to pound some holes into trees, or even worse, cutting them down. While hammock will not do any harm as a tent does. You just strap it between trees with your hammock with straps.


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