Inside Out: Getting to Know Each Other

Inside Out Getting to Know each Other

Hello and we welcome to the Lazy Monk Blog. This corner of the website is about you, about the world that surrounds you, the adventures you can take part in, trying to overcome all borders. Remember that nature is challenge, forcing you at every step to cross that set limit. Nature is refuge, helping you hide away from the reality you might want to avoid.

Nature is peace

Nature is peace, so you can wrap it around your mind, body and soul. Nature is you, it is each and every one of us.

Inside Out sunlight Nature

The voice of this blog is found in its readers. Stop thinking about the person or team behind these words. Think of this blog as a kaleidoscope of words, ideas reflected into each other, colors, adventures, dreams brought to reality and the voice coming out of it is yours.

If you love camping, you will love the world

We wish to make your journey through nature as exciting as possible. We want you to make the best of your time, learn how to explore the deepest paths found far in the forest.

Mountains top view

We hope to teach you to search for answers in leaves, in stars, in the thick trees. Lazy Monk has traveled the world, discovering cultures, people, learning stories and foreign languages. Each time he would search for answers in men and the world they built he was disappointed.

Life is really great with outdoor nature

Still, when he decided to look for the meaning of life in everlasting world like that of nature or the sky, he never again tasted failure. Why? Because nature remains the same, it never changes!

Lazy Monk welcomes you in an adventure of words, an inside out adventure in which you will discover much more than you could ever imagine!

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