Magnetic Building Block: How Do Building Blocks Help in a Child’s Development?

building blocks for kids

Magnet itself is an awesome element but incorporating this to toys are just incredible. Nowadays, toy companies are producing magnetic building blocks set in the market which became an instant hit to the kids.

At a young age, children are curious about everything around them. But seeing the trick of this trendy toy will not just give entertainment to them but provides education and discovery for kids.

As a smart parent, it is our duty to make sure our children have a healthy physical and mental development. Even just by giving your children a toy like magnetic blocks (for example Magna Tiles, Tegu or magformer toy)  would help achieve growth and child’s development.

Magnetic Building Blocks as Toys for Kids

Magnetic building blocks are educational toys for kids that include plastic or wooden blocks with embedded magnets. It comes with various shapes and colors, alphabet and numbers for children to build. Playing with smart toys is not only for brain development but also a life-long love of learning.

Teacher Resisting Unhealthy Children’s Environment (TRUCE) says that building blocks are quality play. When a child is building blocks, he/she is learning many things, such as creativity, physical development, and critical thinking skills. All these developments are important to child’s growth, it helps the children with good decisions in life, be able to create unique and interesting ideas and lastly, will help them develop healthy and fine motor skills.

Why use magnetic blocks for kids?

Magnetic Building Blocks are highly educational toys, it is safe for children even as young as one year old. Each block is carefully designed to be child-friendly. In fact, these are not heavy and its edges are not sharp so your kids won’t get hurt when they are playing with it.

Since these are made with durable non-toxic plastic materials or woods, these won’t get them at risk even when they put these on their mouth.

Many parents buy wooden magnetic blocks or plastic magnetic blocks. These are easy to clean and it offers a multicolor design that is very attractive for children to play with.

Benefits of magnetic Building Blocks Toys for Toddlers and Kids

The game process of building magnetic blocks are a powerful learning tool for kids as it helps improve their mental and physical skills. Their multiple intelligence is developed while they enjoy playing this toy. The following are just some of the wonderful benefits your kids can get even at an early age.

Magnetic Blocks Building Tiles Set For Kids Models
Magnetic Blocks Building Tiles Set For Kids Models
  1. Language development
  2. Increase creativity
  3. Promotes thinking and problem-solving skills
  4. Promotes social skills
  5. Promote motoric skills
  6. Color recognition and Visual-Spatial Reasoning

1. Language development

Apart from flashcards, magnetic blocks are also a great preschool learning tool for your kids’ language development. During playtime, while building shapes and objects, you can start introducing them the alphabet. You can also give a little demonstration to teach them the proper way of pronouncing each letter so that they can recognize letters through their respective sounds. Identifying letters and sounds are an important thing they need to acquire a young age to help them develop their vocabulary and reading skills. Also, for younger children, like toddlers, playing magnetic blocks helps them to respond to sounds, words, and gesture.

2. Increase creativity

Magnetic building blocks are effective to promote kids’ creativity because it invites children to create and use their imaginations to build. Even at a young age, your kids have terrific imagination and it triggers when they are curious about new things. Magnetic blocks promote creativity because endless shapes and objects are possible to construct. They can make whatever concepts they wish to assemble since most of the sets do come with specific instruction.

3. Promotes thinking and problem-solving skills

Your kids’ mathematics intelligence enhances because magnetic blocks come with different shapes—the most basic concept in mathematics. You can teach your toddlers about alphabets, shape, size, numbers, and even colors and patterns from the magnetic building blocks. When your kids play magnetic block, they have to solve one problem: how to realize the concept they have in mind. For example, if they want to create a house, looking at the pieces might be impossible. But once they figure out how to do it (with your minimal supervision), they would start putting each block together until they are able to construct a house. The problem tested their ability to solve problems effectively and efficiently.

4. Promotes social skills

Cultivating your children’s social skills are essential for them to learn how to deal with other people. Although this toy can be assembled solo, playing with other kids is a lot more fun. As they share and build things together, the activity teaches them to interact and connect with others. As a result, they become friendlier and more empathetic.

5. Promotes motoric skills

A simple way to help develop the motoric skills of toddlers and children is by building blocks. As they play, the actions they do such as picking up blocks and building them helps to exercise their gross motor and fine motor muscles with toys.

For toddlers, this helps them to learn how to grasp and pick things up.

6. Color recognition and Visual-Spatial Reasoning

Magnetic blocks are attractive to your kids’ eyes because of the bright colors such as: blue, green, red, purple, pink, and yellow. If they are just starting to recognize colors, you can incorporate these during your study time. Ask them to recite each color as they construct objects and shapes. You can also instruct them to sort out each piece according to their specific colors. They won’t notice you are already teaching them because they are having fun. Magnetic blocks enable your children to create three-dimensional shapes and objects. 3D objects provide curiosity and interest to them because these are more sophisticated to construct. 3D-making activity goes beyond imagination but enhances their spatial intelligence.

How to play with magnetic block toys?

To play with magnetic blocks simply teach your kids to connect one block to each other. It’s easier to do because it has magnets on it. Simply place one block to another block close to each other, it will snap and be connected. Kids can build two-dimensional or three-dimensional shapes like house and castle.

Let your children creativity runs free by giving them magnetic blocks and let them build whatever they want. Lets kids do their own discovery with magnetic blocks.

Toddler playing Magnetic Blocks
Your kid will enjoy playing Magnetic Blocks

What to consider when buying magnetic blocks?

Before you rush yourself into buying, there are things you need to take into consideration. To pick the best magnetic blocks, here are some factors you should look into:

  1. the durability of the magnetic blocks
  2. types of blocks
  3. block material and size
  4. Age of your toddler
  5. Number of pieces of the magnetic blocks

1. Durability of the blocks

You have to make sure that your magnetic blocks won’t tear into pieces when your children throw these away during tantrum moments or when they are very enthusiast while playing. Check also the interlocking magnets attached to each block if these are highly functional. Remember that blocks cannot be played on without a magnet. Make sure the magnets they use are strong and highly resistant. This will help you to keep them longer and preventing you to keep buying a new one.

2. Types of magnetic building blocks

There are different types of blocks available in the market but when buying, always choose those that are flexible enough to enable your children’s creativity. Also, look for blocks with letters or numbers attached so that you can incorporate lecture time while they are playing. You should also consider the color options. Buy those that are multi-colored so that they will not get bored of a single color. Lastly, consider the edges of each block. Never buy tiles which are sharp. Remember that your kids’ skin is very delicate so even not-so-sharp objects can cut them.

3. Block Material and size

If you are looking for plastic magnetic blocks, makes sure the material is hazard free and doesn’t contain dangerous chemicals. Plastic magnetic blocks are easier to clean than the wood one. Great safe toys are also shatterproof. You also have to remember that blocks size also matters. Pick the right size so it will fit your kid’s hand. This will make them feel comfortable to hold and play with the blocks.

4. Age

When choosing the types of blocks, also consider your kids’ age. Never go with tiles in which your children can swallow it that might put them at risk. For toddlers above three years old, choose larger blocks. Always choose the appropriate size for them since different blocks are created for different age brackets.

5. Number of pieces

The higher the number of pieces available, the more ideas your kids can think of. Select the magnetic blocks set which has at least 60 pieces. Less than that, their creativity will be limited.

6. Child-Friendly magnetic building blocks

Safe toys for children should be well made. Sharp edges block and splinters are dangerous for children because they can accidentally cut themselves while playing. Look for soft edge’s magnetic blocks and the lightweight blocks because they are child-friendly. Check your children’s toys frequently to make sure they are in good condition.

Magnetic blocks are fun and engaging toy to play with. But what’s good about those fantastic tiles is that it helps your kids’ development. When teaching them, go away with traditional because there’s a lot of good learning tools you can use as an alternative way to educate them even while they are playing.

Now, you are ready to buy your magnetic building block for your child. Get your first magnetic blocks set at Lazy Monk. A quality and healthy play is a toy that can be used in many ways, engages the senses, allow children to use their imaginations and let children make decisions about their play. A magnetic building block is one of them. Children need to learn about the world and toys can help children learn about things and how they work. With the right toys for your kid, they can learn about people and the world.

Are Magnetic blocks Dangerous?

Make sure the magnetic blocks you purchase are of high quality where the magnets can be removed easily. Swallowing magnets is extremely dangerous for babies. Hence, only buy magnetic blocks that are of high quality and does not have loose flimsy magnets.

If you have such high-quality magnetic blocks where the magnets are securely attached, then the blocks themselves are not dangerous.

Do note that all toddler and children play should be supervised, not just for safety but as a form of great parenting bonding with your children. When your children is enjoying themselves at play, that is when they love to share their happiness with their mommy and daddy.

How do you clean magnetic blocks?

With a damp cloth and a pail of water, that is enough to remove most dust and dirt from magnetic blocks.

If there is a spill of food or drinks over it, you may want to use a mild soap to clean it. Do use clean water to rinse all soap residues from your magnetic toy blocks so that there is no chemical soap on any potential surface that can be lick or placed in the mouth by a toddler.

Where to buy magnetic blocks?

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