Menstrual Cup Pros and Cons

Pros and Cons of Menstrual Cups

Switching to a menstrual cup is not quite an easy decision for most women. It can be quite intimidating at first as it’s not similar to using pads but closer to using tampons. To help you in your decision, here are some pros and cons of a menstrual cup, along with some frequently asked questions.

Why Choose a Menstrual Cup over sanitary pads or tampons?

A menstrual cup is environment-friendly as a good grade cup can use for at least 10 years. it will also save us women money as tampons and sanitary pads are disposable and costly. Tampons and sanitary pads can be hazardous to our health and may have some chemical that is unhealthy for us too.

Menstrual Cups Set Features
Menstrual Cups Set Features

Menstrual Cup Pros and Benefits

Menstrual cups have many benefits over the current “conventional” ways.

  1. comfortable and effective
  2. budget-friendly- saves you money!
  3. eco-friendly- good for the environment!

Comfortable and Very Effective

Menstrual Cups are comfortable to wear and offer better leakage protection than other menstrual products. It is not sticky and irritating like pads and it collects the fluid rather than absorb it like a tampon. Since it’s inside you, there’s no leakage unless you did not seal it properly.

Once you are used to it, you would not even feel anything at all!

Budget Friendly

Pads and Tampons will cost more as time goes by. However, a menstrual cup will save you more as you only have to pay a one-time price and you can reuse the cup. Many modern brands are designed to last for 10 years, saving you lots of money.


Since it’s a product designed to be reused, it can save tons of waste generated from the pads and tampons you’ve been using which can save the environment. You are going environmentally friendly, saving lots of unnecessary pads, tampons, and plastic packaging.

Menstrual Cup Cons and Disadvantages

Yes, a menstrual cup also has its own disadvantages that you still need to keep in mind.

  1. Can be messy for beginners
  2. takes time to find the right size and fit
  3. a small slight chance of infection

It can be messy for beginners

Inserting a menstrual cup can be an easy task but removing it is a different scenario. Since there’s fluid in the cup, you really have to be careful in removing it because it can be difficult and awkward to remove it. Especially if you are new to this, you may experience spills and leakage throughout the process.

Takes time to find the right size and fit

The menstrual cup comes with different sizes, it’s not a one-size fit all type of product so you have to find the right brand for you that will fit perfectly.

Dangers of menstrual cup: there can be a chance of infection

If you don’t wash and clean the cup properly, you can be irritated and there can be an infection. So you have to make sure that clean it and wash your hands before inserting and removing it.

Good news is once you are no longer a beginner, the chances of infection goes down.

Menstrual Cup FAQ- Menstrual Cups Dangers?

Do Menstrual Cups cause TSS (Toxic Shock Syndrome)?

No, menstrual cups do not cause TSS (Toxic Shock Syndrome). There is no history of menstrual cup causing TSS. Scientific studies have shown there are no risks of TSS or other medical complications associated with disposable tampons because menstrual cups do not have fabric material.

Toxic shock syndrome is linked to tampon usage, so many people thought wrongly that using a menstrual cup can have chances of TSS too. Luckily menstrual cups does not lead to TSS. Toxic shock syndrome is only associated with disposable tampons due to the fabric material used in tampons.

Do Menstrual Cups cause cramps?

Yes, your menstrual or period cups can cause cramps if used incorrectly. One of the most common causes of cramps by menstrual cups is if the cup is too large or too long. You may need to do trial and errors with different menstrual cups, fitting, and adjustment to your body.

There are 4 common reasons why you may have cramps from using your menstrual cup.

  • Your period cup is too big
  • The menstrual cup is too long
  • First time users – your body takes time to adapt
  • Lousy or wrong material

The Period Cup is too big

The wrong size of a menstrual cup may cause discomfort and cramps. A simple solution is to buy a package of menstrual cups of different sizes, such as 1 small and 1 large. This is ideal too for days of different period flow volume. Newbies to moon cups may make the newbie mistake of using a cup that is too big as they “play safe” of not using a small cup because they are worried about losing a small cup into their vagina.

Fortunately, it is not possible to have a small cup lost in your vagina, your body anatomically will not allow it to go deeper and you can easily have a small cup to fit comfortably.

The Menstrual Cup is too long

If the stem of the menstrual cup is protruding out too much, then the cup is too long. You may opt for a smaller cup if your cervix is lower.

First time users – your body is adapting

For new users of such menstrual cups, give yourself some time to adapt and get used to it. You may be slightly aware of the cup, just like when you are wearing contact lenses for the first time. Gradually you will not realize it is there, and you will be very comfortable with using menstrual cups.

Lousy or wrong material

Only choose menstrual cups that use high-quality silicone material. These are soft, firm and smooth and fits naturally.

Can Menstrual Cups cause prolapse?

For new users of menstrual cups, there are worries that the fiction and pressure on vagina walls cause prolapse. It is a common myth that menstrual cups cause prolapse easily. Most women do not have to worry about this.

For women who have given birth, their cervix may be lower and they tend to have body reaction when first using a menstrual cup, and there are lots of accounts on the internet where they overreacted and thought they had a prolapse. A visit to the doctor would clear things up.

Do note that if you are uncomfortable and suspect any medical issues with using a menstrual cup, do visit a doctor as every individual case is different. You may opt for other reusable solution (such as reusable pads etc) or just continue the disposable solution such as tampons or sanitary pads.

Can Menstrual Cups cause UTI (Urinary Tract Infection)?

Urinary tract infections occur when bacteria get trapped in your urinary tract. The association with a menstrual cup is when you have a too-large-cup pressing on the urethra. Usually changing to a correct sized cup will solve the problem and reduce the risks of getting a UTI. Most people who use cups correctly do not face this issue.

If changing the size of the cup does not solve your problem, you may want to see a doctor or perhaps refrain from using menstrual cups.

Can Menstrual Cups cause damage?

No, menstrual cups do not do any damage or harm to you. The only risk is if you use a wrong size, such as a too-large cup, where the extra pressure may cause cramps or UTI.

When you get used and know how to wear the correct size correct, it is comfortable, flexible, and does not cause any damage at all. Most of the time, new users tend to overreact to first time usage. After some guidance and checks on the internet, or with medical professionals, they tend to pinpoint the issues and solve it.

If you are unsure and prefer to be cautious, do check with a medical professional.

Can Menstrual Cups get stuck?

Only if you are nervous! Remember that menstrual cups cannot get lost inside you. The difficulties in removing it for new users is usually due to unfamiliarity and nervous fingers. If you understand that it is anatomically impossible to lose a period cup inside you, your calm fingers will easily remove it every time.

Relax and your body will tend to expel the cup. If you are nervous, your body will tense up and it is difficult to feel and take out the cup. You may want to adopt a squatting position and relax, using 2 clean fingers to insert, feel for the cup and pinch it out.

Do NOT insert any other objects to try and take out the cup, it may cause infection.

If you are unable to pull it out, it may be inserted at an odd angle, or that there is a strong natural suction when pressed tightly against your cervix. Use two clean fingers to pinch the stem or rim and pull gently at the side to ease open the seal so that air can get in and break the natural suction created when you insert the cup. This may be new to first time users, but it becomes routine and simple for all users after a few times.

Menstrual cup comparison: Which brand is the best menstrual for me?

There are many famous menstrual cup brands in America, Europe, and the world. Off the top of my head, I can think of niche brands like diva cups, luna menstrual cup, ruby cup, pixie cup, Saalt, Freedom cup (what a name!), Lena cup, Meluna cup, Hello Cup, lunette menstrual cup etc.

To me, you just need to make sure the material used is great medical-grade silicon material, and you are set to go!

Where to buy Menstrual Cups?

You can get menstrual cups from marts everywhere such as Walmart, Walgreens, Amazon, K Mart, Target etc and from many niche websites all over the internet. Walmart menstrual cups sell well because of Walmart’s numerous locations in the United States. You can get any brands as long as it is made of medical-grade silicon material such as Lazy Monk Menstrual Cup.


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