The Best Baby Car Mirror in 2019 (A Complete Guide)

The Best Baby Car Mirror in 2019

Are you a parent? Do you have a toddler or a baby? Do you bring them in the car for a short trip to the supermarket? Or perhaps a long trip to their grandma’s house? If your answer to all these questions is a yes, then most likely you did your research about your baby’s car safety. There’s a lot of car safety product in the market nowadays and a baby car seat mirror has gained popularity.

Many of the baby car mirrors in the market are just made from poor quality materials and may actually be dangerous to your baby.

Car crashes are the leading cause of death and injury among children in the United States. But, it’s preventable! Read this article to learn what is a baby rear mirror? How do you install a baby rear mirror? How to pick the best baby mirror? Mothers and fathers out there, read below!

What is A Baby Rear Mirror for the car seat?

Well a picture paints thousand words. Do you want your baby to be able to see your familiar face even when he/she is facing the rear of the car?

Baby Car Seat Mirror Rear
Baby Car Seat Mirror Rear

You should know that the safest place in a car for all children is in the back seat. Ideally, a baby car seat should be placed in the middle of the back seat. Until the age of two, babies should be sitting at the back in a rear-facing infant carseat. Or, until they reach the maximum height/weight limit for their car seat. This is where you will need a baby rear mirror because you can’t possibly turn your head to the back seat every once and then to check your baby.

Uses for a rear car seat mirror for your baby

  1. To monitor your baby who is facing backwards
  2. For your baby to see your familiar face and be calm.

A baby car mirror is placed inside your car for you to be able to monitor your baby while driving. When you are driving with your baby, it may worry you to not be able to keep an eye on them. You may worry if they are too quiet out of the sudden or making too many noises. With a baby rear mirror, you are able to see what they are up to. However, make sure to glance at your baby when it’s safe to do so, for example, when you’re not speeding, when you’re stopped because of heavy traffic or a red lamp.

Car Safety Standard

What does using a high car safety standard baby accessories means? This mean, your baby should have a safe ride from the very first time from the hospital. Babies and children must be properly secured, in an age – and size-appropriate child restraint. Be sure you have a car seat installed and also a baby rear mirror to get you ready when you bring your baby home from the hospital!

There are several car seat safety guidelines for you to use as a reference. For a new parent, this might be overwhelming, but don’t worry, being a parent is a lifetime learning and you can improve each day, for example by using a baby rear mirror.

How to Pick The Best Baby Mirror?

  1. Safety and Quality
  2. Ease of Use
  3. Price

According to Best Car Mirror Seat Reviewed by Driverzone, there are several factors you should look when choosing a baby rear mirror,  such as:

1. Safety and Quality

Car seat mirror should be designed with high quality and baby safe material. The mirror should be shatterproof so there’s no risk of broken pieces injuring your baby. Make sure they are crash-tested by the company to assure you they hold well in the event of an accident.

2. Ease of Use

A good baby rear mirror is easy to use, easy to put, and easy to adjust. A good baby rear mirror doesn’t jiggle while you’re driving. You should be able to fit your rear seat mirror on the car within a few minutes.

3. Price

There are many baby rear mirror out there, make sure the one you are paying is worth the price. Obviously we do not want to overpay for an expensive mirror but neither do we want to get a cheap one that spoils fast. A high-quality baby mirror is more valueable for money because you can keep them longer because they don’t break easily.

Easy Baby Car Mirror Rear Seat Installation Guide

Install baby car seat mirror rear
Install baby car seat mirror rear

Installing a Car Rear View Mirror is pretty easy and simple. You don’t have to worry about using other tools as it comes with an easy to do instruction that you can follow.

Here’s an installation guide that will take you a few seconds to do:

  1. Place the mirror at the backseat headrest of your car. If you are installing a baby car rear mirror in a car without a headrest, you may opt to choose the one with suction. There are also with an additional accessory that can help you install it so you don’t need to worry about your baby.
  2. Secure the adjustable strap once you’ve placed the mirror in the right position.
  3. Adjust it to any angle like up, down, right, and left and see if it’s in the right viewing angle while driving.

Always remember to follow the instruction carefully. If an accident happens, and by any chance, you install it wrong, the mirror could injure your baby or someone else. Make sure it doesn’t fall off and accidentally hit your baby. This is why it’s better to pick the shatterproof mirror to reduce that risk. Put yourself in a position where you sit normally while driving to make sure you’ll set the baby mirror in the right place where you can see your baby correctly.

Important Tip Before Buying a Baby Rear Seat Mirror for your automobile

Infant Car Rear Seat Mirror
Infant Car Rear Seat Mirror

Before you rush out and buy a car mirror, here are the important tips to remember before you get one:

Spend some time getting familiar with your car backseat.

There are different car models and car backseat so you have to check what kind of backseat do you have, especially the headrest. Check if your car has a headrest or none. Majority of the backseat mirror in the market comes with an adjustable strap to be attached in the headrest. But, if you don’t have one- you don’t have to worry because there are mirror out there that you can buy for a car without headrest.

Look at the material used.

There are parents who are afraid to use a baby car mirror because it may fall off and hurt the baby or someone else at the back, or if in during an accident, the broken glass will injure the person at the back of the car.
The YES BABY Car Mirror is one of the best we found in the market, this baby car mirror uses a high-quality shatter-proof glass that will give you a crystal clear vision, knowing exactly what your baby is up to, you can be sure that only top materials were used in the making of the baby mirror for a car. This baby car mirror is made of the latest generation of BPA- Free reinforced ABS Polymer Plastic Frame, a super secured strap and a 360 adjustable mirror.
Safety defines this infant car mirror. This YES BABY Car Mirror is made of top materials, tested to resist in unfortunate situations, having a wide angle to always watch over your child and perfectly adjustable to fit various car heights, this car seat mirror offers safety to ensure safety!

Why do you need a car mirror for your infant now!

Why you need a baby car mirror now? Mirrors are essential in a car. You can’t turn around when you are driving as it may cause an accident. Mirrors are built in the car to ensure that you can see what’s behind you without turning your head.

The objective of having a Baby Car Mirror is similar to the car’s mirror- you cannot turn your head while driving! This amazing bay car mirror will help you check your baby from time to time by just looking at the mirror in front of you.

You can see what your baby is doing, you will know why they are crying or you will see if they are sleeping, eating or making a mess at the back of the car. Having a baby car mirror will assure your baby that you are in the same place as them because they can see you in the mirror as well.

YES BABY Car Mirror!

Yes Baby Premium Car Seat Mirror
Yes Baby Premium Car Seat Mirror


As a parent, your baby happiness and wellbeing is your number one goal. Caring for a baby is one of life’s most rewarding and challenging experiences. Your journey will be filled with excitement, joy, and possibly even fear of the unknown.

The YES BABY CAR MIRROR is specifically made for you using a wide angle baby mirror that provides you with a COMPLETE VIEW over your child, allowing you to know exactly what he is up while you’re driving!

With its 360-degree adjustability feature, you don’t have to buy a car mirror every time your kid grows because, with YES BABy Car MIRROR, you can adjust it as your child grows! This mirror is designed for baby so you can use it for a VARIETY of car heights.

Buying a baby rear mirror is a smart thought to keep your baby monitored while you are driving. Remember, never leave an infant or child unattended in a car, not even for a moment.

Best wishes to you, your baby, and your family!

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