Magnetic Block: The Ultimate Educational Toy for Kids

magnetic block for kids

As a person who lives in a world full of kids, I think we can all agree that kids love toys. A baby must have their own favorite sleeping buddy, and toddlers usually have their own favorite dolls or robots! They don’t just like it, they love it. Sometimes they feel they can’t live without their favorite toys.

However, as a parent, we want them to have fun while they play but learn at the same time. Magnetic Block as an educational toy you can give to your little one for his discovery and learning. Let’s find out why!

If you are a parent or just looking for something to give for your special little one, always remember to pick the right toy, or better, pick the best toy. The best toys are not only for fun but also give them more benefits like an opportunity to learn. The Child Development Institute refers to the best toys as engaging and help a child’s senses, spark their imaginations and encourage them to interact with others.

Did you know that toys might have a role in your kid career choices in the future? This is because toys play an essential role in the development of kids throughout childhood.

Magnetic Block as Educational Toy

A magnetic block is an educational toy is a stacking blocks toy in colors and shapes that can be combined to form a building or tower. Inside it is a built-in magnet. They are fun for all ages. But it is recommended for a kid up to 3 years old and offer hands-on learning.

Toys Roles In Children Life

According to Tracey Clayton, children develop their motor and cognitive skills through playing with toys. Toys help children in their education by talking, socializing, growing emotionally and acquire knowledge by developing social and spatial awareness.

Nowadays, there are toys that are specially made for educational purposes, and it’s called educational toys. These toys offer proven benefits such as:

  1. Encourages exploration and curiosity
  2. Helps develop senses
  3. Possibly increase iQ
  4. Helps develop better problem-solving skills
  5. Enhances social and emotional development
  6. Captures attention for longer

Why are Magnetic Blocks The Best Educational Toys For Children

Magnetic toys are one of the best educational toys because they are basic building blocks that allow children to use their imagination and creativity to play in any freestyle they like. Toddlers and kids can learn about the dimensions of each block and how they can create different shapes and figures. They are fun for all ages and provided several added dimensions to the classic block building activity

Magnetic Building Block Benefits

Magnetic Block offers the chance for children to use and develop skills such as:

  • Ability to build 2D and 3D shapes
  • Allows the child to visualize 3D creations
  • Shape recognition
  • Building and construction skills
  • Patterning skills
  • Sorting and stacking
  • Learning about symmetry
  • Learning about math and spatial relationships
  • Persistence
  • Problem-solving
  • Creativity
  • Hand-eye coordination
  • Concentration
  • Teaches magnetic principals
  • Challenges the child creative building
  • Enhances cognitive processes

And if that is not enough there are still plenty of reasons you should add magnetic blocks to your bucket list. To learn more about the benefits of Magnetic block for your children, you can check out the Benefits of Building Blocks for Toddlers and Kids here.

As an educational toy, they are easy to use! Kids can build their own houses, castles or tower just putting the blocks together. Or they can use it to make art patterns. And the last part is the best part, they are easy to store! Easy to clean! Since they are magnetic, they will stick together easily. You just need to store it in a dry place. Imagine the last time your kid play with a brush and paints and there are colors everywhere?

What Are The Best Magnetic Blocks?

There are many brands of educational toy- magnetic blocks such as Walmart, tegu, and Magformers. As you probably wondering which one is the best before buying it for your little one, let’s see about the review from Ezvid Wiki, as they spent 26 hours to research it.

Let us have a summary for the best magnetic blocks you can find in America.

Check them out or make a note on Lazy Monk magnetic blocks reviews too (hint: Lazy Monk magnetic blocks have great reviews over the past few years!)

magnetic blocks for toddlers educational fun
magnetic blocks for toddlers educational fun

Top 10 best magnetic blocks discovery in the world:

Gamenote Blocks Marble Run

These blocks are made of high-quality plastic with brightly colored blocks. They have endless options to play because the squares are designed to attach to any metal surface.

Fun Mags 3D Set

This blocks can be your little one budding architect, it has rounded corners and BPA free so it is safe for your children. It has nontoxic material so it is suitable for kid ages from three years old. This one is great for group activities, simple to stack and store and has different size sets.

Minto Toy Magnetic Tiles

This block is good for learning alphabets and numbers because it has blocks with letters and numbers that can be arranged for a lesson. Minto is good to improve communication skills, and it’s also fun for the kids because it has 101 entertaining parts, include wheels to build vehicles.

Magformers Standard

With magformers, you can choose five color combinations. Their plastic construction is durable, with powerful magnets that line up perfectly.

Kinslent Construction

Kinslent has 30 piece set that can introduce your kid to geometric shapes and mathematical concepts. It is suitable for children from 3 years old. And good for brain development. And made from safe materials.

Picasso Tiles Clear Playboards

It is a bit different than other brands because this one comes in five colors with solid throughout that makes it able to give your kids a chance to look at the enclosed structures and learn about the angles and architectures.

Wokashaka Construction Tiles

This blocks will spark your little one’s creativity while helping them develop their motor skills. It comes with a handy storage container that is portable.

Simbans Magbuilder

This blocks got a lot of shapes and sizes in plenty of colors. It also has alphabet plates. Suitable for teaching problem-solving skills and spelling.

Tegu Wooden Set

This block is different than the rest because it is made of wood. And it is small enough to carry in your handbag because it comes with a storage pouch. It is timeless as all ages can enjoy this.

Manve Building

This block is good for a group activity, so if you are a parent with many kids, this will be the perfect choice for you. And they also come with a booklet of ideas, so you won’t run off it. Fits 3 years old and older kids, this could be the best way for them to explore the world of geometry and architecture. You can create 2d or 3d forms.


Magnetic Blocks Discovery Ideas

No matter how exciting and engaging magnetic blocks at first, eventually it will fall out of favor. Sometimes your kid will not search for it again after they discover new toys. But it’s a toy that they can always come back to after a break, you just need to be prompt, and make a new challenge or a new way to look at the old toy.

What you can do for them is finding new inspiration or ideas for them to replicate it. Sure, they also capable to come up with their own designs, but there is a certain challenge and feel that will come up when repeating a pattern. Some of them might feel satisfaction when they get the design right. Here are some tips from Liska Mayers:

Magnetic blocks Alphabet

magnetic blocks with alphabets
magnetic blocks with alphabets

This could mean two designs, uppercase, and lowercase letters. You can also make your kid learn how to spell. This is great for children in preschool or kindergarten.


magnetic blocks with numbers
magnetic blocks with numbers


This could teach your little one about number, maths, and even how to count. This will make them practice matching skills, counting and patterning too.

Geometric Design Toys

magnetic blocks with shapes
magnetic blocks with shapes


This could teach your little one about math, constructions. This will help them develop critical thinking and engineering skills while working on building challenges.

Animals Toys

magnetic sticks to form animals and familiar shapes
magnetic sticks to form animals and familiar shapes

This could teach our little one about many kinds of animals that live in this world.


How Do You Clean Magnetic Blocks

If your magnetic blocks are made from wood: you have to be grateful because the wood has natural antibacterial properties, so germs don’t stick around as much as they may on plastic blocks.You don’t need to clean them every day. Keeping them clean is simple because no bleach or harsh chemicals are required. You can clean them every couple of weeks or once a month. Here are some tips to clean wooden blocks:

Use a gentle cleanser on wooden toys. You can use a simple vinegar and water solutions, or environmentally friendly dish soap, and some warm water. Don’t use any bleach or harsh chemicals.

Don’t soak wooden magnetic blocks. Wood is very porous, the shape of the blocks can change if the toy doesn’t dry completely. Use a wet washcloth to prevent getting too drenched

Do these 3 steps for wooden magnetic blocks:

  1. Spray the blocks with your cleanser
  2. Wipe it down with a sponge or washcloth gently
  3. Allow the toys to air dry by putting them in the sun or dry place

If your magnetic blocks are made of plastic, you don’t need to worry about anything! because it will be easier! You can use wipes, or a damp cloth to wipe plastic magnetic blocks. But don’t submerge it in water, because they are not waterproof. If submerged, the magnets will rust.

Is Magnetic Block Safe?

A good brand will make blocks from high-quality magnets that are safely secured inside each tile or blocks. Make sure you choose magnetic blocks that pass safety standards such as made from BPA Free plastic, does not contain any toxic materials.

The other important thing to makes sure it is safe is if you and your children are playing by the rules. This means you follow the safety guidelines and instructions carefully.

Here are some tips are given by the Healthy Children Organization:

  1. Keep products with small or loose magnets away from young children
  2. Closely monitor it to ensure children don’t swallow them
  3. Avoid purchasing magnets sold in sets of 100 or more, as it is difficult to recognize if a few magnets have gone missing
  4. Talk to your older children and teens about the serious dangers of a magnet.

Magnetic Block Risk and Dangers

If your children accidentally swallow it, it can be life-threatening. If your children have symptoms like abdominal pain, vomiting, and fever after playing with magnetic blocks, you have to contact your pediatrician or emergency department immediately. Because it is most likely that your child has swallowed magnets. Delaying treatment can lead to severe injuries to stomach, intestines, digestive tract and even death.

Always accompany your little one to make sure they are safe while playing by magnetic blocks.


Buying your little one the best toy is the right thing to as a parent. Children can learn a lot from playing.

Choosing educational toys like a magnetic block not only give you a chance to bond with them but they also able to learn and have fun with you at the same time.

Get your own best Magnetic Block Educational Toy Now! You don’t have to visit Walmart or Amazon for the best magnetic blocks. Many niche magnetic block designers sell only online on their websites 🙂

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