Why Dry Bag is best for Skiing and Snowboarding

Why Dry Bag is best for Skiing and Snowboarding

Extreme sports such as skiing or snowboarding require a set of gears that will meet your performance standard. When you take that adrenaline-rushed slopes and curves, your gears, especially your backpacks, should meet all the pressures and expectations.

If not, you’ll end up picking all your items to mess up on the ground. Worse, you’ll find them, wet, destroyed or not finding them at all!

The right backpack is crucial to keep your valuables dry. What you need to protect your gears like electronic gadgets from a wet environment is a dry bag for your snowboarding and skiing trip.


What is a dry bag?

A dry bag is a flexible container mostly use in outdoor activities like kayaking, canoeing, skiing, snowboarding and alike. It has a watertight seal and made to keep your gadgets and other sensitive items dry from water or from any other elements like dust and dirt.

In an outdoor activity, dry bags can spell the difference by protecting your spare clothes and keeping your phones working. You want your valuables, towel etc to stay dry and clean in a dry bag.

Dry Bag Waterproof Bags Large Food Backpack Sack

Most dry bags are made out of nylon or PVC, 100% waterproof. It has a roll-top cover that can be rolled three times, ensuring it’s sealed from inside and from the outside.

Why Dry Bag is best for skiing and snowboarding

Skiing and snowboarding are two extreme outdoor sports that require enthusiasts to carry more items besides the required gears. Plus the harsh condition will greatly affect them, so a dry bag is necessary to keep your stuff dry when you are skiing or snowboarding.

Here are the reasons why a dry bag is better for your next skiing and snowboarding trip:

You will get a lot of contact with snow, water, and a wet environment.

Normal backpack or those hiking backpack doesn’t have the pure airtight seal that can protect sensitive items like phones, gadgets, and electronics.

Don’t worry about the compartment of dry bags. Apparel and sporting goods companies already revolutionized the styles and carry the ability of dry bags, thus making them versatile and in top performance.

Dry Bag is for extreme weather

The dry bag material is engineered to perform in a wet and snowy environment.

Remember, your backpack will be in constant contact and gradually beaten by water splash and snow pour so keeping your valuables should be a priority.

Choosing the best dry bag for your extreme adventure

What Is A Dry Bag Used For

Though dry bags have 100% efficiency, you still need to choose the right dry bag if you go skiing or snowboarding. The steep slopes will destroy anything that drops out, so a dry bag that is over its capacity will rip in no time.

The use of pulk sled as a carrying system can damage a common compartment, allowing the entry of wet snow inside it. Dry bags have different carrying capacities.

How to choose a dry bag?

To understand more, consider the following factors of choosing the right dry bag for your skiing and snowboarding this winter:

  1. Always choose a roll-top over the zipper seal since it is effective over the later when it comes to submission to the snow or water. You can roll up 3-5 times with a buckle clip, which also serves as the handle.
  2. Choose the one with straps since you’ll not be carrying it all the time. You can attach it to the sled and the burden of weight will not be on your shoulder and back. If you have a dry bag on your sled, you don’t have to worry about your things getting wet.
  3. Snowboarding and skiing activity usually lasts for 2 days, so you better come prepared. Make sure to use a dry bag that can carry up to 70 liters, excluding your hanged tuning and tools.
  4. This Dry Bag for extreme sports is good as it can take the beating for a long time. It can keep your items dry even when submerged, but I don’t suggest you do that in purpose. Dry bags are designed to prevent sensitive items from getting wet, and submerging for a long period of time is wrecking it.
  5. Choose PVC-made dry bags if you plan for a longer skiing and snowboarding activity. Though PVC rucksacks are heavy, their ability to keep your items dry especially your clothes and gadgets is superb.
  6. Buy dry bags that suit your needs to carry. Simplicity is beauty as they say, but take advantage of the features it offers. At the end of the day, the main goal of the dry bag is to keep your things dry above all.

The proper way of packing up your dry bag for skiing and snowboarding

There is no science of packing up your dry bag. Even in a normal backpack or camping bag, the user’s preference is a prerogative. But you may wish to follow this tried and tested way of packing up.

  • All the items you think you will need to grab as soon as possible should be easy to reach. Therefore, put them at the top of everything. These things are cellphones, flickers, matches, and flashlights. Also consider medicine kit and other emergency tools.

Dry Bag Waterproof Bags Large Food Backpack Sack Orange

  • Put first the clothes and other extra layers such as snow socks, snow mittens, hats, and other snow-related accessories.
  • Credit cards, wallets, and small items should be put inside an organizer. If you put them under clothing or messed them up with other items, you need to empty your dry bag first. It’s a lot of hassle and you don’t want to do that during your run.

dry bag snowboarding

  • Make sure that you only fill up ¾ of your dry bag. Hold the edges and fold them the way you fold your dog’s ears. Roll them down 3 to 5 times and put on the buckle. Clip the two buckles together on top of the dry bag. This will serve as your handle.
  • If your dry bag has straps, use them as an anchor to your sled together with your snowboard or snow sticks. You can secure them also to the buckles so you can use your dry bag as a backpack.
  • Some of the dry bags have quick-access pockets. You can tie and hang other tools that you might need in rush such us extra ski poles, keys and or penlights.

Other Uses of Dry Bag

Besides being a versatile, durable and waterproof backpack, the dry bag comes also with different helpful uses. Some of these are:

Use dry bag as a floater

You can use your dry bag when crossing a river or any form of water. Just trap some air inside it and it will float. But be cautious: cheap dry bag will not last as a floater. Always consider the quality and the weight of the items you put in it.

Dry bag can be used for carrying or storing water

If dry bags cannot be infiltrated by water, therefore, no water can get out of it either! You can use your dry bag as a water bucket when you need to camp far from any water source. Seal it to avoid contamination.

Use as a pillow

This one is obvious. Since it is circular in shape, you can use it as a pillow for the night’s sleep. Just put clothes inside it for soft and comfort

As a laundry bag

If a snowstorm is prevalent and keeps wetting your clothes, you can put them inside your dry bag, without soaking other items around you. Use this as a laundry bag when you pack your dirty clothes.

Beware of imitations and cheap dry bags

As an enthusiast of these extreme sports like skiing and snowboarding, you must be aware of the danger it can lead you. It may be brought by accident, but failing gears can also lead your life in jeopardy.

Do not sacrifice the amount you can keep by buying cheap imitations from uncertified stores online. Your life is too precious for a dollar.

Before buying the product, read all the reviews from an independent source. Make an inquiry from someone who actually has those and using them for years. Cheap dry bags from markets and online stores will likely tear apart. Most of them are made out of low-quality vinyl.

Lazy Monk Waterproof Dry Bag Backpack is made of PVC or nylon which are weld seam. This adds to the durability of the bag, making it for the water to get through to your precious and sensitive gadgets.

At the end of the day, a high-performance dry bag can spell the difference.



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