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The Lazy Monk Brand stands for quality, comfort and happiness!

Lazy Monk is formed by an American family and built from outdoor gears such as camping hammocks, dry bags, and evolved with the family to include lifestyle product such as exercise ball, gym mat, baby sling wraps, magnetic screen door, diaper bags, baby car mirror, magnetic blocks for toddlers, scratch off map, weighted blankets and menstrual cups.

Lazy Monk Brand
Lazy Monk Brand

Would you embrace the Lazy Monk to accept changes to have a great life?

Change happens when you least expect it, but you never have to stop searching for it. It might take you years, which might seem like lifetimes, to be prepared for change, but when it happens, your life starts all over again.

Once upon a time, in a busy country, in a busy city, there was a busy man. Short, stressed, lonely and sad. He had no dreams, no wishes. He had even lost himself.

It all started one busy day, when our Monk, back then a stressed out, lonely person with really no desires and dreams, said no more. The change was there and he was ready to embrace it.

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Leaving everything behind, he decided to dedicate himself to a constant soul search. He felt the calling of nature, knowing that answers were hidden there. For years and years, he searched and searched again and one day, he found his treasure.

It was a hammock, a camping hammock, perfect for resting the mind and the body. Tied by two sturdy trees, willing to accompany the Monk in his journey to discovering himself, with strong straps, the great hammock became his refuge. Ideal for hiking, traveling up in the mountains, being incredibly lightweight, the Lazy Monk Hammock is perfect for passionate nature wonderers and not only! The Monk made this hammock for everyone. Parents with children who want to relax in nature, young souls in search of love and free minds looking for relaxation!

That was the first Lazy Monk product and the whole family soon got into a craze, designing and building great quality product one after another…

The Lazy Monk is about YOU, because you are the ONLY ONE that MATTERS!


Baby, Kids & Toys

Baby Sling Wrap

$60.00 $28.84

Home Accessories

Organic Weighted Blanket

$160.00 $79.00

Travel & Outdoors

Scratch Off Map of the World