Lazy Monk is a small American family run business that thrives on giving people high-quality comfort products that makes you smile =)



Like most mid-western Americans, we love the outdoors and will leave the city for the great outdoors to enjoy the beauty of nature. We will gather the whole family, go camping in the mountains, in spring, summer, and fall.

Working as an engineer, I begin to lament at the low quality of our camping gears. Taking my first step into running a small business, I started buying many camping hammocks, asking my family and camping buddies on feedbacks, and design our own camping hammocks!

As our first outdoor hiking gear, the name of the business was our first big family business meeting. My wife loves to meditate, and my sons and daughter were getting the reputation of being lazy… so we decided to vote and settle on the crazy name “Lazy Monk”! (Happy Monk was 2nd while Crazy Nature was 3rd)

Our growing Lazy Monk brand

4in1 Double Camping Hammock With Straps in the Camp
4in1 Double Camping Hammock With Straps in the Camp

Lazy Monk was thus born, and like the great freedom we love, we blossom and started to design other outdoor gears-

  1. Camping hammock is our first brainchild, our love for the outdoors
  2. Dry bags to keep your cell phone, wallet and keys dry.
  3. Magnetic Screen door for the summer home
  4. Weighted Blanket for a cosy home sweet home.
  5. Exercise Ball for the busy guy to exercise.
  6. Gym mattress for the gymnastic training
  7. Baby Sling Wrap for the mommy to get close to her babies
  8. Diaper BackPack to carries all the important baby accessories
  9. Baby Car mirror for have eye contact with your loved ones while driving safely
  10. Magnetic Blocks for the toddlers to explore, build and create
  11. Menstrual Cup for the woman to be comfortable, and reduce her carbon footprint for the environment
  12. Foot Peel Mask to take care of our heavily used feet
  13. Scratch Off Maps to mark all the places we want to go, and where we have gone.


I am very proud of my sons, Jacob and Ethan, who designed spearheaded Scratch Off Maps, and Exercise Ball, my wife Emma, who designed all the parenting products that all mothers and fathers would be proud of. And my daughter Sophia, who at her young age managed to design the perfect menstrual cup and foot peel masks that women would love!

Together, our family is stronger and we hope you will love these Lazy Monk products as much as we love them.


Charles White

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