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Baby and children products are designed with safety and comfort in mind. We understand how parents would only want the best for their little ones.

Looking for gifts for a baby shower? Here are some suggestions!

Baby Car Seat Perfect Gift for Moms

Top 5 Best Baby Shower Gifts of 2019

  1. Baby Car mirror for baby car seat
  2. Silicone baby teething toys
  3. Baby Sling Wrap
  4. Diaper backpacks
  5. Bottles, nursing sterilizers
  6. Magnetic blocks for toddlers
  7. Baby swaddle blankets

Looking for the perfect baby shower gifts for 2019? If you have friends, colleagues or relatives that are expecting a baby soon, you may consider some of the products that they will love! Get it so that they do not have to ponder /buy/shop for it.

These gifts are great and gender neutral, especially if you forgot or do not know the sex gender of the baby!

Baby car mirror

The baby car mirror is a hot favorite for moms and dads! Child seat safety is such that the baby should be seated facing backwards, but this means the baby can’t see Mom or Daddy who is sitting in front.

The baby car mirror let your baby giggle and looks to mummy and dad for reassurance and security.

Baby Sling Wrap

This sling wrap, with or without rings (for Ring Sling wrap) allows you to hold your baby close to you. An infant is so used to the mother’s beating heart, the feel and sound of a body is comforting and reassuring for him.

This sling wrap is designed to stretch flexible and feels good to the baby, and allows the mum to wear and have 2 hands and arms free to do other tasks!

Diaper Backpacks

Once you have a baby, you realize you can’t leave the home without essentials like diapers, spare change of clothes, bottles, baby snacks, powder, wet wipes, etc, etc. Hence a good backpack with many separate components and pockets are useful for mommy and daddy.

Once you have a good diaper backpack, it will be like a tick-off list on all the important stuff to carry out for your baby’s little outdoor trip.

Magnetic Blocks for Toddlers

Want educational toys that entertain the toddler for hours and can be reused and replay countless of time? Magnetic toy blocks help children’s development and challenge their creativity as they have countless hours of fun building separate models, shapes and familiar items from these tenga blocks.

We know these toys are so beneficial for young children, and we insist on giving these toys to all our relative’s kids!

Baby, Kids & Toys

Baby Sling Wrap


Baby, Kids & Toys

Diaper Bag Backpack

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For baby care products, the most important thing is SAFETY. Baby products should be of high quality materials that is non toxic. All children and baby products should be Latex Free, BPA Free, Phthalate Free, lead free. Our baby sling wrap is designed with 95% organic cotton and 5% spandex for flexibility. Our magnetic blocks are using high-quality materials to be safe for baby play and kids can have tons of innovative play time with these play tools.