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We all want to be in great health and while looking good! Our health products help you to achieve wellness, such as satisfaction and comfort in your monthly luna menstruation cycle. Our feet peel mask helps your feet feel like baby skin!

Foot peel mask

If you having tough callous sore feet, you will love this foot spa care product. Give yourself childlike soft feet in a week or days! This foot peel mask provides pampering foot care, exfoliate your feet and peel off the hard layer of dead skin.

Ta-da! Soft, subtle baby feet that are so smooth and soft to touch. We love to use these after a long outdoor trip. Pamper our diva feet because we use them so much every day!

Menstrual Cups

Every woman faces the troublesome burden of menstruating every month, and usually, have to spend time and money on disposable tampons or sanitary pads. We decide that we have to design something that helps to reduce the usage of one-off disposable period pads or tampons.

The reusable soft sanitary menstrual cup is built with medical grade silicone and can last 10 and more years! This menstruation cup is designed with beginners’ in mind, and because it is reusable, it is better for the environment and for your wallet as well. A great menstrual cup gift for the diva!

And because we have different flow amount at different parts of our luna cycle, there is a small and large menstrual cup for us to choose. Here’s a big cheer to reducing our monthly expenses and going environment-friendly.


Our menstrual cups help women to reduce or stop using sanitary pads while our foot peel mask makes your feel soft like baby.