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Home Sweet Home! Gadgets and products that make your home cosy, comfortable, warm and without annoyances like bugs or unwanted heat/cold. We spend so much time at home, let us make our home truly welcoming and never want to leave its comforts.

Magnetic Screen Door to keep bugs away

Get a magnetic net door that can be velcro to your front or back door. The mesh screen will allow cool breeze air to flow while keeping annoying bugs and insects out of your home. If you have a pet such as dogs or cats, the light floating netting mesh door will allow your animals to enter and exit the home freely while keeping mosquitos and bugs out.

Our magnetic screen door is a hot favorite during spring and summers when those annoying bugs come out to play. Keep them out of your home and especially away from your kitchen.

Organic Weighted Blanket

A good weighted blanket that is just warm, comfy and heavy enough to give you comfort and happiness in the cold. Go for organic cotton for that safe and secure cozy cover at night.

We designed this for our beloved kids and to our surprise, it become a viral favorite among adult friends, so we made it adult sized and large enough for your beautiful home!

You will love this organic weighted blanket for your bedroom or TV lounge!


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Organic Weighted Blanket

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