Lazy Monk Foot Peel Mask 2+1 Pack

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  • 👣THE FEET OF A MOVIE STAR: Spoil your feet just as movie stars do! ENJOY a complete, complex & INCREDIBLY EFFECTIVE treatment in the comfort of your home! Surround yourself with flowers, romantic candles and your favourite music and let the Foot Peel Mask perform its magic! Feel like a movie star!
  • 💡EASY TO USE: Soft feet are no longer an illusion, a DREAM so difficult to accomplish! Thanks to this INCREDIBLE foot peel mask kit you can have the feet you have dreamed of! Simply, add put the pairs on and let the treatment perform its MAGIC! In 5-7 days, the treatment will be complete and your feet will look absolutely AMAZING!
  • 🍃WHEN NATURE COMES YOUR WAY: The Lazy Monk Foot Peel Mask contains natural essences, all highly efficient when it comes to treating dead skin, aged cuticle and even coarse, cracked heels. Ingredients: Lavender Essential oil, Aloe Vera, cucumber extracts, water, glycerine.
  • 💖THE COMPLETE SPA TREATMENT: This Foot Peel Mask is truly one of a kind and you will FALL IN LOVE with it from the very first use! A COMPLETE SPA TREATMENT will be unleashed once you open the box, as together with the TWO Foot Peel Mask Treatments, you get an EXTRA Moisturizing Foot Mask. The IDEAL combination for SUPER SOFT, super SMOOTH feet.
  • 🏆SOLID & SAFE INVESTMENTS: We trust in the quality of our products, as we have invested both time & effort into designing the Foot Peel Mask. For this very reason, we want you to know that we offer a 5 year warranty.

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