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Our work revolves around our customers. You are the core of this small family business. For Lazy Monk, success is when we hear from our customers and they tell us they are happy with the purchase.

We are here for you, always listening and trying to make your experience complete.

For bad experience, do share with us privately, so I can improve and research on our products.

For good experience, please share with the whole world because that makes all of us at Lazy Monk so happy!

We know our product, we know that it fits you and that it has a lot to offer. The moment you will start using the hammock, you will too. However, if there are any questions you would like to ask us or you would simply like to connect, go right ahead! We are always available for our clients and we will answer in the shortest possible time.

Lazy Monk

20C Trolley Square

Wilmington, Delaware, 19806


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